Monday, August 31, 2009

August 31, 2009--Hello!!

How is everyone???

First Dad, I was able to read your email, and no I hadn't heard that Zack and Kenzi bought a new car. Maybe that was put in Mom's last week, but I wasn't able to read that entire email.

I opened that picture of Demi/Booger again and still can't believe how big she is!!!!!!!!

Okay, so here is how my week went.

We were at a family's home eating dinner and all of a sudden I didn't recognize the type of meat I was eating. It wasn't gross, but it wasn't really good either. I simply asked, "What kind of meat is this?" Sister Briggs answered, "Veil." Apparently I had a shocked look on my face because she hurried and asked it was okay. Haha I appologized as much as I could, but explained that I knew it wasn't chicken, pork or any kind of beef I've ever tried. Needless to say, knowing me, I had a hard time finishing it. Poor baby cow. But also, the super fun part of being at their home was they had five girls ranging from 8-11. The 8 year olds are twins. But they had the cutest little dog named Charlie. He was so cute, and of course I showed off my Charlie. They LOVED him! But we got talking and I was like, "Okay, I have this nickname for my Charlie, and I want to know if you guys use it too." I told them about Char-Char and they were all so excited becase they use it too! Oh, it totally made my day, but then when they'd call him CharChar it made me miss mine a lot. So give him a big huge butt rub right now. I'll wait.............(or do it as soon as you get home) Thank you! :) Tell him I love him too.

Zone Conference was amazing!!! The Hales continue to blow my mind each time I see them. I told Sister Hale about the packages that you send me and she loved the ideas!!! She asked me to write down each thing you sent in the greenie package and give it to her when we have our ppi's.

Sister Lowe wants the Sugar Cookie Recipie from the Lion House cookbook. We made some the other day, Marsha Boams, and I want you all to know that I made them without a Kitchen Aid. I'll attach a picture to prove it. I thought you guys would be so proud of me.

Oh, I have never been asked so many times in my life where our ancestors are from. Embarrassingly enough, I have no idea. Can you tell me that once more? I know you guys have told me before, but I never remember. The furthest I remember back is Logan. Hahaha how sad is that!!!!???

Can you also get me Brandi Reeder's address now that she is in Roy? I want to write her sometime.

Oh, in the next package you send, it doesn't need to be anytime soon-I promise, can you send "Teaching, No Greater Call," my New York and a sweatshirt with my Christmas pajama pants? The ones that Maddi and I have matching. Speaking of Maddi, I want pictures of this dark hair of yours. And have you gotten a new car yet? I got a letter from Elder Swain this week and he's CRAZY excited to get out in the field! Did you get to talk to him this week? He wrote on the back of the letter that there are 4 Elders from his MTC district that want me to write them. Hahaha It made me laugh. But they were my 4 favorites and they were all so adorable-in a little brother kind of way. I hope they see me in a big sister kind of way. Hahaha!

The first night I was here I was given a blank piece of paper and an enevelope addressed to Mom Denson. I was told that the mom that was putting the whole thing together wanted all of us to write a letter of Thank you. I hope I did that in the letter. I don't remember now because I was dead the night I wrote it. Forgive me if none of it made sense.

As of right now, no I don't need any more garments. I've only showered a couple times at night. Oh, like last night. We had no miles left for the week so we tracted all afternoon. If you look on your map we went from the intersection of Lyons and 18th St to Palmetto Park and the 441. I wore my back pack and learned to never do that again. I'll be switching it to a side bag from now on. Gross!

Um, I thought you had been posting my email on my blog for a while now. I don't see the problem with it. I have nothing to hide!

I've attached another picture of the saddest/happiest thing. The ocean. So close, yet so far!!! It's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

We were driving on the 441 the other day and saw the biggest iguana!! I didn't have time to pull my camera out, but he was just sitting on the grass next to the road. He was about 3 feet long! Crazy!! Just running wild! It was insane. The lizards still amaze me. They run across our paths constantly as we're walking. I'll get a picture sometime.

Alright, well, I have to go. I wish I could write longer better emails, but you can only do so much in an hour. I hope you all had a WONDERFUL first week at school, and I want to hear all about it. Unless it's in the email I'll print out today...Tell Grandma and Lauren Happy Birthday! and pester Lauren until she writes me back. That dang girl!!

The last picture is of a HUGE spider that I almost ran into last night while walking into the apartment. It was sick!

Well, I love you all and want to see pictures of all of you! I want to see you! I love you guys!!! Pray mightily everyday!! Talk to you next week!!!!

Love you!

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