Monday, August 17, 2009

August 17, 2009--"Hello from Boca Raton!"

NOTE FROM MOM: First of all, Sammi was finally able to upload some pictures. She said she'd send more as soon as she can but these are the "important ones."

She didn't note this one but my guess is this is her companion in the MTC, Sister Gardner.
Dez/Elder Swain and his "dork dot." Wednesday, August 5, 2009 when Dezi arrived at the MTC. (Aren't they a pair with their goofy grins!)
They knew I would want a "good" picture of them together!! Good kids!!
This is the last night Sammi was in the MTC. She said it was REALLY hard telling Dezi/Elder Swain good-bye!!
Sammi and her new companion, Sister Pirotta. We can't wait to hear more about her!!
Okay, first off this has to be short. It took forever to sign-up and figure out everything to send President Hale my weekly report.

So far everything is awesome. It is so different down here! The humidity hasn't been bad, so I'm surviving, and so is my hair. The thing that have thrown me off are the houses and the animals. Not a single home here has a basement, and hardly any carpet. It's all tile or marble. They are so colorful and strangely shaped. Sometime I'll try and get a picture of one to show you. There are lizards and stange birds everywhere! Tiny little geckos and lizards. We were in the church parking lot the other day and saw the largest iguana! Rumor has it that they live in the attic of the church and eat the rats, so we're grateful for them. Last week, a lady went to the bathroom and there was a lizard or something just chilling in the water! Haha! I totally want that to happen to me! There are crazy strange birds that just relax in people's yards and walk around the neighborhoods. It's so strange!!! Nothing like Utah!!

My first week went well. A little slow, but good. It's hard to try and plan and meet the investigators needs when I don't know them and try to involve members in the missionary work when I don't know them either. I met a lot of them at church yesterday, so I personally think things will pick up. Speaking of church yesterday! It was crazy!! First, this ward seriously struggles with a modesty issue, and, of course, I struggle with that. I've never seen so much cleavage, leg, and stomach at church before! Be GRATEFUL for the modesty that our ward has. The 2 sisters I live with are teaching a couple and they are getting baptized this weekend. They are living with each other and are not married. Since you need to be married before you can be baptized, as a form of repentance, they decided to do it right there after church yesterday. It was amazing to see the choices they made because they are so willing to follow the commandments. They will be baptized on Saturday and then they'll have an official ring ceremony on Sept 12th.

Mom-make sure and note to other moms that t-shirts are not allowed. Yeah, we bought all those t-shirts, and the only way I can wear them is if I have a buttoned up shirt over them. We are going to Kohl's today to see if we can find me more. Dumb huh. Exact obedience though!!
Oh, Sister Pirotta is unreal!!!! I love her to death already! She wants a mini Preach My Gospel, and is willing to pay any price for it. Sister Lowe wants one too. I love it! Thank you so much for it!!

I'm sorry it's so short, but I'm going to attach pictures! I promise next week's letter will be better! Now that I've got my email set up and know how to email President Hale. Oh, speaking of which. I'm not sure they are human. They are TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!! They greeted us an the airport and I felt an INSTANT love for them. Sister Hale is completely amazing!!! President is like unreal too. I don't have words to explain them. I hope you got the picture they sent of me with them on my first official day. If you have it, forward it to me because I want to see it.

Okay, I can only attach a couple of pictures because I can only do it one at a time. Dumb. I will get all of them to you some time. Sorry! I got the important ones though.
I love you guys with all my heart and pray for you always. Don't forget to say your prayers-you wouldn't believe the help it's brought me!!-and read your scriptures too. Oh and write in your journal! Some days will be boring, so just write something you are grateful for!!

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