Saturday, September 5, 2009

August 31, 2009--handwritten letter

We've come up with a plan for us to write an email with questions we need answered in our Monday morning email and then write others that Sammi can print off and respond to later in a handwritten letter. The bonus of this is...we get at least two letters a email and on in snail mail. It's AWESOME!! Here's this week letter:


I just got finished reading your letter! First, I'm so sad I couldn't be there for the play date
(we took Charlie over to some new neighbors to meet their sheepdog, Obie). I'm excited to meet the Abbott's and Obie. What intrigued them to get an OES? I show off our puppies all the time. It's definitely helped me "connect" with members.

I'm so glad my tape was such a big hit! I got a tape recorder in the MTC because at that bookstore, you got 40% off everything. It's just a step up from the one Scott let us borrow. The only difference is mine has rechargeable batteries. I didn't want to have to buy batteries all the time! And I apologize for getting "preachy." I listened to it after it was all done, but I didn't have time to fix it. I'll try to cut back on that though. But I was serious about opening our home to investigators and missionaries. I found out it's impossible to do missionary work without members.

I'm excited to get a letter about the luncheon. Sister Olson and Sister Crane are in the zone right above us, so I see them at zone conference. They are both adorable. I didn't remember you knew Sister Crane's mom. I'll tell her next time I see her.

I seriously want a picture of Garrett and Jared to see how much they've grown up just cause they'll probably be off and married by the time I get back.

As for my meds...
(She goes on to tell us what she has and what she needs us to order.)

My address here is Tuscany Point (complex name) ***** Post Gardens Way. If you go in the entrance, you take your first ... (She goes on to describe how to get to her apartment so we can "Bing" or "Google Earth" it.) I hope that's better and that you'll be able to see it! I want a picture of my display that you've got though! It sounds interesting.

Oh! Guess what. We just had a family move into the ward that is from Layton! They lived by the intersection of Mutton Hollow and Fairfield. Cool huh? I feel a bond with them already. They are in my area, so we'll be able to get to know them. It makes me happy. :D

I got some good shirts at Kohl's. A couple white button-ups and a black one. I'm actually really okay with the button-ups because wearing just a t-shirt doesn't make me feel like a missionary. Crazy, I know. And same with the skirts. A couple of them are too short. The DownEast ones that are just below the knee. I feel too casual and that I'm showing too much leg. I'll have them for when I get back though! It's just dumb that we were told we could wear those, but that we'd probably feel uncomfortable! Gees Lawees.

Well, I hope you guys have a wonderful week and I'll talk to to you soon! I'm excited for your luncheon letter, and Maddi better send me one about Elder Swain's phone call!

I love you guys!
Love Sister Sammi-Sue Denson

P.S. Here are the sister's mom's names so you can look them up on Facebook.
(I already found her companion's mom!! I can't wait to see if I can find the other two!!)

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