Monday, August 24, 2009

I can't believe it's already been a week!

Time is flying by! It's crazy! Some days feel like a century, but all in all the week flew by. I once again compiled a list of things that I want to send in this email. You know me, I'm a "list" kind of girl. If I forget to write it down, I'll remember it later when it's too late.

Mom-Can you find me a plan of salvation display from Emma's Blog, or SugarDoodle? It's really handy to have. Sister Pirotta has one right now, but I know eventually we'll be split up :( It's sad to think about already.
Remember the Trek CD that we got you one day? It's by all the same people that did the Joseph one. Sister Magnusson had it, but lost it. Can you send 2 copies of it if you find it? Thanks!

Mal- I was wondering if there was any way I could get a copy of the 12 Apostles picture that you guys recently took. If not, it's totally fine. It's just that I'm a visual person and I want to be able to show investigators that there are 12 Apostles here on earth today just as there were when Christ was on the earth.

Lauren--WHY havne't I heard from you??? I can't accept the excuse that you're too busy. Sister I know what busy is!!! :) I just want a letter! PLEASE!!!

Jessika--I'm writing you back! I promise! P-days are crazy hecktic, but you're next on the list for a letter. By the way Mal, I sent you one when I sent Zack one. I was still in the MTC. I wonder why you haven't gotten it!! SAD!!!

Dad-You will be so proud of me! I can read a map!! I'm such a good navigator! I'm still working on the North, South, East, and West, but it's super hard because there a no mountains!!! It'll take some time.

The picture you sent me of the mission office is correct. It should be connected to a La Quinta. We stayed there the first night.

Mom, can you put a couple of book in the package-Our Heritage and the Gopel Art and The Joseph Smith one for RS. Also, I'm doing good on shampoo and conditioner, so you you can send them in a week or two. I'll let you know.

Okay, we have an investigator that is going to Temple Square for Labor Day weekend. She's going by herself. I was wondering if you guys would be willing to meet her one day and show her around? She's from Peru, but speaks good English. I love her! Her name is Rosa Torres. I haven't talked to her yet, but I will tomorrow. She left church yesterday before I was able to talk to her. I'll let you know for sure next week though.

Oh, can you order some more of the facial cleansing cloths from RaeLin? I LOVED them!!!

Maddi- I want pictures of your hair. And tell Dezi to write me back. I wrote him one while I was on the plane. I want to know how he's doing! If you get to talk to him tomorrow tell him I said Hi!! I can't believe he's already flying out! Oh, and if you email me I'll be able to print it out and send you a handwritten letter each week, hopefully. That goes for everyone!

Mom-can you send an email to Brady Stephens and ask how he is? I can't email him. Give him my email. If I ever get a chance I'll write him a letter.

So on Saturday I was able to attend my first baptism. I bawlled my eyes out. Of course. Sister Pirotta and I got to share the message of the restoration. Yes, I choked up right then and could hardly get the words out. The spirit took over though and I got it all out. That Vision is so sacred to me and I love sharing it with people!

The weather here is wonderful. The humidity is not bad at all. I'm a little disappointed because I still have to use lotion, but not as much chapstick. I haven't seen any more cool animals, but I have seen some wicked storms. Apparently it gets super hot before it storms, so Friday was a killer and of course we were tracting. My shirt was pretty much soaked and looked homeless, and of course I wore a colored shirt that shows the sweat beautifully. Talk about embarrassing!
The pictures I've attached are from the GREENIE package you sent me. Haha I was like "It's tough being GREEN??" The sisters thought it might be an economical package. Haha of course I laughed and was like, "No, that's not my family!" I loved it though and so did all the sisters. We opened it together! Thank you for it! I LOVED all the GREEN!!!!!!!!

One of the other pictures is from yesterday. A storm was blowing in. Maddi-You'll love the clouds!!!

And the last is of Sister Pirotta and I in front of our building. The windows to your left are ours. We're only on one floor.

Well, I have to go! I LOVE you guys! Thank yo so much for the emails!!!!!
Love, Sister Sammi Denson

Notice the "Princess Blanket" on her bed?? She HAD to take the Princesses to Florida with her! Silly girl!!

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