Friday, August 28, 2009

More from Sammi's memory card and tape...

Sammi's friend from Kindergarten, Sister Kelsey Anderson, will be serving in the Taiwan mission. Kelsey entered the MTC on July 8 and will be there until approximately September 22. They were THRILLED they found each other and were able to snap this picture. Aren't they beautiful??

Flying into Ft. Lauderdale on August 11, 2009. Sammi says she can't believe how much water there is everywhere! Silly girl...she is a coastal place at sea level!!

Upon their arrival in Ft. Lauderdale, they were taken to their hotel. There were four beds in there! Incredibly crowded with all their luggage!!

Sammi and Sister Pirotta's bedroom. You can see Sammi's bed on the far left and the white board keeping track of all their investigators, newly baptized members, etc.

Sammi and Sister Pirotta's bathroom and closet. She said it's pretty close quarters in there!

And then there's their kitchen!! She said it's about a quarter the size of our kitchen!! It's really interesting if more than one of them in there at a time.

The other side of the tiny kitchen.

Sister Lowe cleaning up the kitchen.

Their living room. (Dad said he's impressed how nice their couches are!! Better than his in Georgia!)

One day Sister Pirotta and Sammi were driving down the road and saw this house. She thought the flowers were amazing and thought of Mom...all the gardening.

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  1. Hey I was just thinking that you need to put Sammi's email address on here for people who want to email her. by the way do you guys want a picture of the quorum of the 12 too? I dont know the price yet but they are printing some right now and then I will mail it out to her.