Friday, August 28, 2009


Thursday, when I got home from work, there was an envelope from Sammi. I had sent her a prepaid one to send me her memory card so I could upload pictures to her blog and work on her scrapbook. Well, in addition to the memory card, which was AMAZING in itself, was a mini cassette tape from her! She bought a mini recorder so she could talk to us!! Naturally, I bawled through the whole thing (Dad got pretty teary-eyed as well...don't let him kid you!!)! Not only did she tell us about her experiences and investigators, she gave us a narrative of her pictures! As she went through the pictures on her camera, one by one, she told us who was in them and what the story behind the picture was. It was such a gift!! So...I'll try to share a bit of what she sent.

Sister Gardner, Sammi's companion in the MTC, Sammi, Sister Lowe, and Sister Bropst (she went to Arizona while the rest of them went to Ft. Lauderdale).

Sister Gardner and Sammi after their "Beauty Enhancement" class.

Their room at the MTC on the day they left. She said she's definitely NOT cut out for dorm life!

Sammi and Sister Dunn. She is one of the Branch President's counselor's wives. She was truly heaven-sent to help Sammi through some incredibly difficult times in the MTC. I'm so grateful to Sister Dunn!!

Sammi and Sister Lowe on the bus ride to the airport about 5:00am August 11. She said it was a sweet ride although it was INCREDIBLY early!!

I'll post more in a bit...Blogger is being STUPID on this computer! I'll switch to another one.

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