Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday, August 7, 2009--"WHAT ARE THE ODDS??!!"

Okay, I have the most exciting news on earth. I was standing in line on Wednesday night for dinner looking for Dezi. He came walking up to me cuz he saw my lime green shirt. It was SO exciting to see him! He looked incredibly overwhelmed and exhausted. I don't blame him. Anyway, so he went and ate with his companion. I was eating dinner and talking to my zone leaders when they told us they thought the new district was going to Indiana. Yes, I know what you're thinking. I GASPED!! I hurried and finished eating and went and found Dezi again. I was like "WHAT DISTRICT ARE YOU IN???" He found his envelope that says all his information. You guessed it! WE'RE IN THE SAME ZONE!!!!!! I see him ALL the time! He eats every meal with us, we'll have Sacrament together, Zone Activity/FHE and our classes are right next door to each other. Can you believe it?? What are the odds! There are like well over 100 zones here and we were put together! The Lord has definitely blessed us! No worries, we got pictures on his first day with his dork dot, so I'll send you pictures as soon as I have a chance to in Florida. Speaking of which. Oh my gosh, I leave in 4 days!!!!! I'm really excited, but really nervous! I'm mostly excited to meet the Hales. They've sent us a lot of letters about how excited they are for us to arrive.

Mom, I think I want my Florida clothes there when I get there. That way I can just take them to my apartment.

Here's my list again of all the things I've thought of this week that I want you to know:

First, can you send a refill of Relpax in my package to Florida? I've honestly had like 3-4 migraines since I've been here. It SUCKS! I feel like I'm slowing down our companionship. Sister Gardner is very patient with me though. We're getting along MUCH better.

So remember the "Beauty Enhancement" class Wendy Kremin told us about? Yeah, we went to it yesterday. The lady told me I was doing everything right (go figure!!), she just added a little bit of purple eye shadow for eye liner on the bottom. I really liked it. They gave each of us a set of make up. It's called Nu Colur (sp). Apparently it's very high in quality and expensive. They said the bag they gave us is worth over $200. CRAZY! I was most excited for it because Sister Gardner doesn't wear a drop of make-up, so now we can make her! Sister Lowe, who is going to FL with us wants to play make-up in the airports. Haha we think we'll be too nervous to preach! Haha

I thought I told you about the Temple. Sorry! We went last week and this week. Last week I did an Endowment, but this week I did Initiatory (sp). One of the Counselors wives in the MTC Presidency has done a ton of geneology and had like thousands of names, so Sister Lowe and I offered to help. It was really nice to do those again, since I haven't done them since I went through. It was amazing.

The sisters in my room LOVE all of your packages! They love the peanuts, but their favorite is the Snickerdoodles. Sister Lowe wants the recipe because she loves to cook. She also wants the Chocolate Chip Cookie one from the Lion House Cook Book. Oh, speaking of cook books. Since I wont be spoiled with MTC food once I get to FL and will have to cook for my companion and myself, can you send me the ward cook book. I think mine is in my hope chest, or on my bookcase.

Dad-I want to know what you thought of the MTC. I know our lessons are taught completely different, but I want to know your opinion of being here.

Maddi-what is your email address? Is it *****? I can't remember and don't have time to take chances. Sorry, it sounds like a lame excuse. Don't worry. Dezi is doing great!! He has definitely got the missionary glow. He's adorable. I'm so sad that we only have until Monday night to see him. :( He was a little homesick the first night, but he's really doing great. He's totally taken the dive into the work. He told me all about Monday night (the same day I got your letter too). That is totally adorable how he asked you to wait for him. What ring did he pick? I know he had 3 in mind, but he never told me which one he went with. I'm so glad that you guys were able to have a ton of fun before he left. Make sure and send me some pictures of Monday night!!!

How's Char Char, Libby, and Demi?? Is Demi huge? I want her to stay puppy size. I hope she's keeping you good company.

Oh, I just went to the doctor at 1:00. I told him I had a ton of 100mg of Straterra. He said to take that, but if it keeps me up at night to call him and he'll get me a lower dose. Dude, I'm taking the 100mg regardless. We paid for it all, I'll take it all. He's also going to order me 100 Trazadone. Stupid. I'll be obedient and take it, but then we'll see about the Lunesta when the time comes. No worries, he made sure and told me about drug overdose and that I shouldn't take advangtage of it. NARF! I've been of sleeping pills for year!! Gosh. I hate going to new doctors.

Okay, well I'm pretty much out of time. I love you guys and I can't wait to talk to you on Tuesday. I'm off to get your package!!! Yay!

Thank you! I love you!
Love, Sam/Sister Denson
PS Dezi/Elder Swain says Hi!!

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