Monday, February 22, 2010

February 22, 2010--What a week!!

Hey Guys!
How are you?? I'm doing so much better! I had a migraine on Thursday-Friday, and another one on Saturday, and was throwing up on Sunday. Talk about CRAPPY!!! It stinks to have them on a regular day, but being a missionary, it's even worse!!!! I just lay in bed until it's gone. I had to take 3 of my Relpax to get the first one taken care of. Ugh! Then, I woke up with another one on Saturday, and we had a baptism! Then, Sunday's we wake up at 5:30 go get to the church right after 7:00 for meetings. Yeah, well I got up, was showering and had to rush out because I started throwing up. Sorry for the non-pretty picture. It was horrible. We skipped the meetings, went to Sacrament and then went home again. I felt so bad! Especially becuase we had a baptism Saturday afternoon. That was pretty much the only good thing that happened this week. I started paying attention to things and realized that I was super dehydrated. I've neglected drinking water or juice, but not on purpose! I'll be totally on top of it this week!

Okay, so enough of the lame part of the week, here's the good stuff!

Zone Conference-I always love Zone Conference, but this one was especially fun. We had our usual trainings, one by President Lake (my favorite person, who usually doesn't come to these types of things because he has to work), Sister Hale did a dinner training-how to have good wholesome meals that don't take a lot of time or money. Each of the Assistants spoke, both of which were wonderful! Elder MacDonald spoke on the Atonement and shared a little about his personal life. It was so heartfelt and profound! Elder Holland spoke on something that I can't remember right now! Oops! It was really, really good though! And then of course, the AMAZING President Hale. He's so amazing! He teaches so much, but you don't feel like you're being taught. It's kinda like Ryan Jenkins:) It's fabulous though. SO spiritually uplifting! After the trainings we were able to do some fun unity building activities. Of course, it wasn't fun with a migraine, but they were fun nontheless. If you look on the blog you can see some of the pictures. I'm in a purple shirt. Ha-you could probably recognize me though. I'm the only one with long blonde hair. It was so much fun because I got to do these activities with Elders and Sisters that I haven't seen for a while because we are serving at opposite ends of the mission. My old zone was there, Coral Springs. It was also sad because I had to say goodbye to two of the coolest elders. Elder Wing and Elder Nelson. It was sad, one of them started to cry! I felt so bad, so I gave him a handshake. Haha yeah, that's of course all I can do!
My FAVORITE two people on EARTH were there though!! The Lakes!!!! I was in the chapel talking to an elder when someone pull on my bag and asks, "What's this?" I turned around and it was President Lake!!! Oh I was so happy!!! Of course I can't give him a hug, so I just gave him a handshake too. Boo. He said Sister Lake would be there at about lunch time. I couldn't hardly focus because I was so excited to see her! Finally, lunch time came and they always excuse the sisters first, so I go walking down the hall, walk into the gym and who do I see?? Sister Lake!!! I ran around some other sisters and got the biggest hug ever from her. I love her so much!!!!! They are such examples to me! I got to visit with them a lot throughout the day. It was so wonderful! It was an exhausting day, both because of a migraine and a spirtually uplifting. They take all the energy out of ya!

That was Thursday. Friday we had Peter's baptismal interview. I haven't told you about Peter because we just met with him for the first time on Monday. He just showed up at the Homestead ward two weeks ago. The Homestead elders taught him the Restoration. He prayed about it, received his answer and called them back and asked when he could be baptized. Cool huh! He came to the Snapper Creek YSA last week, so we were able to meet him there. It is a requirement for our investigators to come to church at least twice before they get baptized. He was so prepared! We taught him the rest of the stuff Monday, Wednesday and Friday, then he got baptized on Saturday. And guess who called us to tell us they were going to come to the baptism!! The Lakes!! I answered the phone and President Lake said they were going to try and make it down. Not nesicarrily to see the baptism, but to see me. I think they love me a lot! :) I LOVE them to death, so it completely made my day. They came and then took us out to lunch afterwards. I love them! I miss them! I have to go back to Boca before I leave! Oh man, I love them and I love zone conference.

Okay, as for the rest of my email:

We should be good for things for Sister Schulthies' birthday party. We get money from members to feed us, but we haven't spent it. She always brings it up, that we should go out to eat, but I always change the subject;) I'll spend that next week on her birthday. It's so fun! She knows nothing about it, yet every one of us in the district are in on it and so are her brother and sister-in-law:):) Stacia got some decorations to set up. I'm so excited! Let me know next week if you talk to her mom any more. Every single detail counts!

I really do need to go to the dentist. I've tried to put if off as long as possible, but everytime I floss I can feel in like 3 different areas that I have cavities. They hurt! Dr. Correy said to do regular check-ups because I definitely need them.

I did get my Relpax and Singulair filled. Ouch! I used 4 of my 5 relpax in two days, so I wanted to be safe just in case I got another one. So far, so good!

As for the skirts. I love my grey skirt with the pockets (I'm wearing it today), but it's too flowy for riding my bike. I'd love it if you could some how get pockets on the pattern that my other printed skirts are in, but totally understand if you cant. Just stick with the patterened skirt style, and yes 27 1/2 inches. Maybe even 28 or 29. Just to be safe for riding bikes:)

We gave Krystal her blanket. We felt so bad though, because she sent us a text that said she wasn't ready for us to come over. We didn't get that text and showed up anyway. It was just her that we gave it to, and then we got to peak at Jacob for just a second. We are going over later this week, so I'll definitely get some then.

I'm so glad the Hales called you! Sister Schulthies overheard President say that that picture is in one of the top 10 gifts he's ever received. They're like his best friends! We all joked as we were taking the picture that we were the only ones who gets a picture with all 12 Apostles! Haha They loved it!!! He was giddy like a little boy when I gave it to him. He was very touched. Thank you so much!

Oh, that picture that you got with Brother Wilcox is awesome! Can you get a print of the picture and send it to me. The one of my zone and President and Sister Hale. Sister Felton got one and I LOVE it! Minus Elder Zubia. He totally ruined the picture! Oh well. It's still awesome.

Well, I think that about covers it! I'll attach the picture of Peter at his baptism next week. Sister Schulthies is using my camera right now and my time is up.

LOVE YOU all so much!!! I hope you all feel better! You're in my daily prayers!
Thank you for everything you do!
Love, Sister Denson

Friday, February 19, 2010

February 18, 2010

Thanks to Mallorie and Busath Photography, we were able to give this beautiful picture of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles to President and Sister Hale. President Hale called to thank us for it and said it was especially dear to him because he's great friends with many of them. WOW!! We're so grateful for the Hales and the way they take such amazing care of our Sammi and the rest of the Ft. Lauderdale missionaries. How thoughtful of them to think to take a picture to send us! WONDERFUL!!!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February 16, 2010--A seriously GREAT week!

It sounds like a fun week for you guys, well the ones that I've heard from;) Mal, I'm so proud of you for getting up that early to go swimming! Awesome job!! Where did you go? Did you go with anyone?

That's too bad that the power was out all night! Was it cold?? Someone told us the other day that the New York and Washington DC areas are getting so much snow that they are calling it "Snow-maggedon." I don't know how to spell it, but it's ridiculous! Its a beautiful sunny average of 70 degrees here with only slight humidity and breeze. All of you would LOVE it!!

Okay, so last week was a great week! Wednesday every single one of our appointments were successful! Not a single one that day fell through! It was AWESOME!! We got to meet with an investigator that her husband is a member. She is a Resident and Miami Children's Hospital and he is one of the Attendings there, too. They both want to be pediatricians. Cool. Their little girl, that they blessed on Sunday, is SO cute!! She is so happy all the time. I'll definitely get a picture of her before I get transferred out of here.

Another one of our investigators had her baby Saturday, but we haven't been able to see her. She didn't want us to come to the hospital, because she wasn't showered yet. Haha she's adorable. I'll for sure get pictures when we see them tomorrow though.

Sister Johnson is doing amazing! She comes to church regularly and pays tithing and everything. The only thing she is still struggling with is smoking. She's working on it though. Her visiting teachers are going to go see her tonight. In person for the first time! What a miracle!!!
Sister Schulthies spoke on Sunday. For the first time in her entire mission! That's ridiculous! But guess who she got to speak with! Elder Burns from the Quorum of the Seventy!!! He lives in our ward. Oh man he's amazing. What a classy guy! I think he looks like Camille Krum though. They've got the exact same eyes and mouth. He grew up in Mesquite, NV though... And his cousin married Elder Holland! So Mal, you know his cousin! What a small world! Him, Elder Holland and one other Quorum of the Seventy all roomed together during college. Talk about one powerful dorm room!! Haha!

He announced that the Temple permits for the land are coming along good! Everything that we've been praying for is coming to pass. It's going to be located in West Broward County. They've said the land is absolutely perfect. I'm SO excited! I'll probably still be here for the ground breaking!!! He said when the Temple is finished FL will blossom like a rose. So many more will be joining the church.

There is a guy in my ward that was going into the career field that I am going into! Criminal Profiling! I was like WHAT?? He's suggested a lot of good books for me. I'll definitely be talking to him after the mission. I said was because he has changed his career to International Law. Why? Because Mark Hacking is his COUSIN!!!!!! How crazy is that!! He said it just hit too close to home. It destroyed his family. It's so sad. He's so awesome though. I LOVE his family. They are so awesome!!

I can't believe Randy--I mean Elder Denson gets home in less than a week! It's so crazy to think about. I got a letter from him this week and he said that both him and his companion are really sick, so they can't go out right now. Sad! He is not happy about ending his mission that way! Give him a huge hug for me when you see him at his homecoming in 2 weeks! When is Paul and Erin due with their boys?

Mom and Dad, of course, you could always come to West Palm Beach. You'd definitely have to tell President about it. But of course we wouldn't be able to see each other. I'm about 3 hours south of there. And was is this Dad taking a new job?? Tell me more!! So many people ask me what you do and I think I explain it right, and they're all like Cool! Oh, and Elder Hirschi's dad works on Base too and he does something with the computer in planes. His name is Robert Hirschi. Let me know if you know him. That would be so cool! Maybe track him down if you want. If Elder Hirschi is anything like his dad you would absolutely love his dad!

Yesterday we went to a huge cultural event that is down here every year. It's called the Coconut Grove Art Festival. Google it. It's awesome. Yes, if you see on my account balance I bought something. It probably hasn't go through yet. I tried to find mom something for her birthday, but it was all way too funky and hip and not to mention expensive. I've only got one picture to add. It's me under a street sign. Margaret St! We got the picture so I could send it to Grandma Bunn. I'm going to print it off this week or next and mail it to her. I thought she'd like that:)

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you all so much!
LOVE, Sister Denson

Ps I never got a text that said Happy Valentine's Day/Happy Birthday Charlie. I'll be bringing that up to Brother Wilton when I see him this Thursday;) That twit. haha
Pps I got Presidents picture. I'll give that to him also on Thursday. Thank you so much for that!!! He's going to LOVE it!!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

February 8, 2010--Sounds like an eventful week!

Hi! How are you?

I've been really good this week! It started out with a fun package on Monday! It was so awesome to get my backpack!! All the sisters are jealous. ;) Our apartment looks so awesome with all the decorations up. Thank you so much for those! Sister Vance and Sister Felton's birthdays are in February, so they really love this month. And mine and Sister Schulthies are both in March. Speaking of which. Could you talk to her mom and see if she wants to send her anything? If she does have her send it to me because we are going to have a surprise birthday party for her on her birthday. It's one week before she goes home, so it will be super fun. Like a birthday/goodbye party! We can plan it within the next few weeks. It's going to be so fun! I talked to the sisters about it while she was in the shower this morning. She has no idea!! :):):) I love being sneaky! Let me know if you have any simple ideas that wont cost ANY of us money. Including you and her mom!!!!

Okay, to answer some of you questions from your email:
1. I LOVE my backpack! It's so perfect! The only thing that I would change is the front pockets to be more on the side so I can just pull a pass along card out of that, but I didn't specify and it's totally fine. It's not hard at all to get them a card. It's actually nice. When we stop people it give me a chance to talk to them a little longer and tell them more about the Book of Mormon before they go walking off. So all in all, it's perfect. ;)
2. I'm so sad that Char-Char is sick!!!!!!! My favorite part of the package the other day was the pictures of the doggies!! THEY ARE SO DANG CUTE!!!!! No worries. I show them to everyone! All the Elders think I'm a dork, but I know they love to see them too. :)
3. I'll send some bike pictures today. I just ran out of time last week. The computers are timed. They are really dorky though. I was laughing the entire time because Sister Schulthies was acting like such a dork! We went 8 miles last Saturday and then 12 on Wednesday. It's so awesome! I love it! Me and my next companion will be on them all the time because we'll each have our one AND a bike rack on the car, so we can actually go around in our area.
4. The picture of Sister Schulthies and her eye-liner. She was trying to be pirate. You know, cause they take others hostage.... What you don't see in that picture is her machete (sp) strapped to her pants. Hahaha it was hilarious!
10. That is SO dang cool about Brad Wilcox!!!!! He was so amazing and so dang funny! Definitely make sure and talk to him. Tell him I'm the one that has long blonde hair and was wearing a bright green jacket amongst all the elders in their dark suits. If the Lakes sent you the picture they took of me and them at the Christmas Conference show that to him.

I hope I covered all the things in your email. Sorry I didn't last week. I just have one question. When you owned your own business with sewing did you have one called Kids Can Sew? Cause Sister Schulthies' mom did when she was young and I swear you did too. Crazy! Our families are so alike! It's so bizarre!!

Did I tell you Elder Hirschi is in the Spanish program now??? You HAVE to go to his homecoming in June. He leaves here June 3rd. And you have to go to Sister Moore's in April. I'm not sure of the date, but I'll get it to you soon.

You really don't need to send a package for us Sisters! You are spending way too much money on packages!!!!!! I know you say it's your pleasure, but still!!

Thank you so much for everything, Mom:) I love you so so much!!!!!!!
I love you!
Love, Sam--Just this once:)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sister Denson's New Backpack

Once Sammi got her bike, she realized she couldn't use the purse/bag I made her earlier. So...I tackled a backpack. She LOVES Vera Bradley bags but I refused to pay $92 for a stinkin' backpack. I looked at their style and found a pattern I could work with. Hopefully, this works for her and she likes it. Can't wait to hear on Monday!

Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1, 2010--Hey Guys!!

How are all of you? Me? Of course I'm doing great!!!

This has been another great week! I love serving in Miami! And to make it better, I got my bike this week! It's so cute! Mom and Dad you did a GREAT job on picking it out! Green and Purple with flowers! And I love the design of it. I was really hoping I wouldn't get one like the Spanish sisters. Theirs are just like mountain bikes and boring. I like how stylish mine is:):)

I have actually really loved riding on it too. Wednesday, when I got it, Sister Schulthies rode to the church, which is just a little over 2 miles away, planned with the elders, and then rode back. Yes, of course, I was very sore the next day. Just my thigh bones. Weird. I just took some Advil and was fine. Then, on Saturday we biked 8 miles. It was humid and gross, but it was so fun! I am excited for when she gets one, or when my new companion gets one.

Of course, Sister Vance got pictures of us on them for the first time. They are all super goofy looking because I couldn't stop laughing at Sister Schulthies on hers. Haha I was laughing all the way to the church too. If/When she gets her own temp bike we'll get better pictures.

Wednesday Sister Vance was having a hard day. Just the usual new missionary days, so we talked to Sister Felton and asked her something that Sister Vance loves to do that we could do with her. She said she loves to swing on swings at the park. We came up with a great plan between the tree of us. When they were just about done planning Sister Felton sent us a text that said, "Go!" We barge into their room--Sister Schulthies with eye-liner painted all over her face. She had a unibrow, mustache, etc. It was hilarious. We covered her eyes with a blind fold, rushed her to the car, kept her eyes covered, and then went to a park that is a half a mile away from our complex. We took her out and walked her across the park and then was like, "3.....2.....1....." and then took the blind fold off. She was so excited!! We were all in jammies and just had a very fun and relaxing half hour. Yes, we disobeyed and went out of our apartment after 9:00pm. It was so fun though! She needed it and it helped a lot. I'm attaching a picture of Sister Schulthies of course, make sure her family gets it:) Then, we went home and ate chocolate, chocolate, chocolate ice cream! It was a really fun night! Then, we went on all day exchanges on Thursday. Me and Sister Vance in my area, and Sisters Schulthies and Felton in the Kendall area. It was really fun! I was a little nervous, because I had to show someone else the ropes of what it's like in the English program. It confirmed to me though that I am NOT ready to train yet! Whew! Hopefully I won't be for a long time!
I'm so glad you all had a great time at Sister Olson's homecoming. It's so weird to think that she is gone! It'll be super weird on Thursday when we go to Zone Conference and she isn't there. Its CRAZY weird getting Sister Schulthies to leave. She only has 5 weeks left! They pass by way too quickly too. I have loved serving with her. It's a lot like serving with Jessika. Everyday I find something new and am like, "Jessika loves that too!" Example, she is an English major and likes a LOT of the same books Jess does, and the same music, style of clothes, and movies too. The other day she told me Big Fish was her most favorite movie on earth. Yeah, that's Jessika's. And her next favorite was Penelope. Yeah, Jessika's too. Its so weird! She probably feels like she knows Jess and hasn't even met her. We get along great though, of course!! I told her yesterday that it was like serving with my best friend! Crazy! Ah man, I miss Jess. I'm sending her birthday package out today. I'm sending it to her apartment in Logan, so she should probably get it Friday. I sure hope so!
I have no idea what you should get her. She loves notebooks, because she loves to write. Take a picture of the magnet board she made you, Mom. I want to see it!
Okay, I'll be going to a lot of stores today so don't be mad that I'm going to spend some money. I'm sending my sweaters home, it's not cold at all anymore:) I'm sending that black and white trench coat home too, Maddi--Please don't wear it:) I have to buy some shampoo and then go get a prescription.

I had a question about the necklace you sent me for the 25 days of Christmas. First off, I love it and wear it almost everyday. Yeah, and I hate necklaces, but I love this one and the one that Kenzi sent me. The silver one though is becoming tarnished on the back where it sits on my neck. Is there a special tarnish that you can get from Cami that will help it, or can I go to the store and just buy some?
Victor is doing great! He actually came to church/stake conference yesterday. It was awesome!

Also, Krystal Weidner accepted a baptismal date for the 27th of March. Actually, she set her own date. She is the pregnant one, and is due March 8th, but because of her recent increase in blood pressure, they are going to get the baby out before Valentine's day. The blanket with missionaries on it is fine. Her husband is a member and they already talk about him going on a mission. We were with them last night and we talked about it a lot, so I'm pretty sure she'd love it.

As for the little Haiti baby's blanket. I will see President and Sister Hale on Thursday. If you want to get it to me by then, awesome, if you can't, just send it to the mission office to Sister Hale. She will be thrilled!
Thank you so much for everything! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
Love, Sister Denson