Monday, June 28, 2010

June 28, 2010--I love this work!!!!!!!!!!!

Heeeeeelllllloooooo Family!!!!

How is everyone doing??? I'm doing FABULOUS!!! This week has been fun! We rode the bus all the way down to Homestead this week. Yeah, I know how to read bus routes now too. I'll be taking the bus everywhere and I'll just strap my bike to the front when I get home :):) I'm excited. LOL I want to you know though, as a result I got a wedding proposal out of it. LOL We were catching our last bus for the night and waiting at the stop and a man came riding up to us on his bike out of no where. He asked if I was British. I said no, and he was like, "You're beautiful!" I was like, "Thanks....." I kinda ignored him and went back to whatever I was doing on the phone. He turns to Hermana Lealaogata and says, "Do you think she will marry me?" She responded perfectly. "She might marry someone like you..." Haha She asked what church he went to and he was like, "I go to the one she goes to!" Luckily by then the bus had gotten there. It was one of those "only as a missionary" moments. LOL So then we got on the bus and were the only ones on it for the second half of the ride. We got off and told the bus driver "Thanks for being our personal chauffeur!" He starts talking to us and then hard core hitting on my companion! It was hilarious! It happens to me often, but I've never seen it happen to her. It was priceless. He wants to take us out to have a steak dinner with him. Mostly her, I would just have to tag a long. It was so funny. The funniest part about it though was that she thought he was cute!!!!! I think I laughed for the rest of the night. It was so perfect.

Wednesday, we got to help this guy paint his house. It was fun. He thought we were professionals. We were like, "No, just have helped out parents decorate and re-decorate." He gave us an entire aloe plant! Cool huh! Since it was of course mid day and being me--I got eaten alive by mosquitoes. I, of course, forgot my bug spray so he gave me some.....the whole bottle.... It's what they used when he worked at the nuclear plant. It was amazing. I didn't get bit the rest of the day! And I only had to apply the smallest amount. Fabulous!!!

Saturday we got to go to Bradley's home. The nonmember BYU student. [For more details, see the President's email below.] His dad started an investment company, but recently sold it. He lives in like a mini White House. It was stunning! It was so delicate and fancy on the inside that we weren't sure we could touch anything. Lol gotta love going into those kinds of places as a missionary. Feeling frumpy on a good day, and then in a home like that.... I felt like garbage. I don't care though. It was a fabulous lesson.

Yesterday Apuleyo got the Holy Ghost. He's so amazing! It's so fun to teach him. Even though I really cant, cause he can only speak Spanish and I can only speak English, the Spirit is still strong.
Have I told you guys I love this work? I don't know if I'll be coming home in February. I think I'll be staying here a little longer.....LOL I don't want to come home! No offense! :):)
I hope you each have a wonderful week! I love you all so much! Personally and specifically!
Love, Sister Denson

Sammi and Sister Briggs. 
Her family is from Syracuse and they know a lot of the same people! It's so fun for them to live together as they serve the Lord. 
(Look how tan Sammi is!!)


President Hale-
This week has been awesome! I'm really enjoying the teaching this age group. They're fabulous. It's so aweome to actually teach someone and see them progress. It's been nice to learn from them and be challenged by their questions. We are teaching a young man right now that is from here in Miami. He got his Bachelors Degree from U of M. He was looking for a place to go for his MBA and CFA. He chose BYU!!! He loved their honor code there and loved everything about it. He knew it was a "Mormon School," but went through with it anyway. He learned a lot about the Church, obviously, and had some RM friends. They invited him to church and all the activites. He took the lessons from some Sister Missionaries up on campus, but then came home because of summer break. He walked into church a couple of weeks ago. He said his friends said the Church is all over the world, so he wanted to see what it was like in Miami. Cool huh! It's been so fun teaching him. He grew up Catholic, so we were able to take a member to his home/mansion that served his mission in Italy and is Italian-American. It was perfect. He was able to help him fully understand the Apostacy from a Catholic's point of view. It was wonderful.

I've seen so many blessings from this Singles Ward. Our Branch President is back in town and we are able to meet with our Branch Mission Leader this week. We're so excited to get the ball officially rolling!
Thank you so much for everything! I'm excited to see you Wednesday for PPI's! Have a good day!
Lots of Love, Sister Denson :)

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