Monday, June 14, 2010

June 14, 2010--No official email...

Sammi didn't send an "official email" today...we "chatted" via email quite a bit. (She promised a handwritten letter, though, so I'll post what I can from that when we get it.) She sent me her email to President Hale and it said she LOVES the Snapper Creek YSA Ward and is so excited to see the work progress there. She's a bit frustrated with the Sacrament Meeting because everyone texts throughout it and the talks on dating and finding the "special someone." Since that isn't her area of focus right now, it's kinda difficult to listen to meeting after meeting. She said there's a lot of member support so they're hoping to see many who are ready to accept the gospel. Yesterday, Maddi and I attended Elder Hirshi's homecoming where we visited with Elder and Sister Holdstock again. When I told them Sammi had been assigned to the YSA Ward, Sister Holdstock said President Hale must have a lot of confidence in her and Sister Lealaogata to put them in that position. She also said when the Sisters are assigned to those wards, the numbers skyrocket! This will be fun to watch!

She also sent me (and President Hale) this picture of all the sisters with their "Florida Flamingo" pillowcases! I've been looking for flamingo material for a long time and finally found this one that I loved. I decided all of the sisters needed one. I LOVE the picture!!

Sister Vance, Sister Denson, Sister Lealaogata, Sister Briggs

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