Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1, 2010--Singles Ward!

Sounds like you all had a fun weekend! Yeah, I did missionary work. Surprise! Haha no, but we went out on bike and got to talk to some awesome people.

Well, a major event happened in the life of a missionary companionship. Haha well, not that major.... Tuesday night we got a phone call from the Assistants to the President. They had had transfer meeting that day and prayed about were everyone was to go. They received some some very powerful confirmation that me and Hermana L were to be pulled out the Miami 4th Ward. A ward that I love just as much as the Layton 37th ward. There are so many amazing people there and so many that I love and have learned from. I was so sad to hear the news. Even more shocking was that we are now going to be serving full-time in the YSA Branch. Yeah. You all know how much I love YSA branches/wards. Haha It was really hard to accept, but Heavenly Father has helped me SO much! It's definitely going to take time to get used to church with like 30 people, but that is what we are here for. To grow the branch. They are a really new branch. It was only formed in November of 2009. They don't have a foundation to build upon yet, but are still trying to build. Doesn't work. So we get to go "out of town" this week. Haha Yeah! We are going up to Plantation to spend Thursday and Friday with the Nova YSA Branch sisters. They have been serving there full-time now for a while and it is just booming. We are to learn from them and then come back and apply it down here. Of course not everything will work the same, but it definitely will help us. We're really excited. So are huge area of Miami just got HUGER!!!! I'll attach some pictues of our new map/area. Are top boarder is the same, but now we go down all the way to the bottom of Florida. Crazy! Pray for us! Its going to be a long journey, but definitely an adventure. I've got to learn to love YSA wards. Lol

As of today, June 1, hurricane season has started. Mom, I was wondering if you could get me a couple last things. The grocery stores down here are expensive and they're not that great anyway. Could you get me some granola/power bars, jerky, non-perishable food item, etc. I was thinking maybe you could go to Sam's Club to get me some. I don't care what, just anything. I need to add them to my 72 hour kit. Thanks!

I asked Elder Hirschi for his chapel's address in Ogden, but he didn't know it. I gave him my email so he can send it to me next week. Hopefully he'll remember. I'll give him mom's info just in case.

Everything that you know about Sister Call is the same as me. We don't find out anything sooner.
That picture of Sister Pirotta and Joe is absolutely adorable. I sent her a card last week, so you can send her one if you want or not. Tell them that picture is so dang cute though!

Oh! Tuesday we also got to meet this amazing guy! We obviously talked a lot about the church and just chatted about life. When we were about to leave he asked us to hold on for a second. He went in his apartment and came out with a Bible printed int 1870 something. It was amazing! The more amazing part is that he let us take it home and look at it for a few days! We asked why he gave it to us because it is such an heirloom and his family is fighting for it and his sons would kill him if they knew we had it and all he said was, "I was told to." Interesting. It's so awesome though. We get to go give it back tomorrow night and have BBQ beef and chicken, fried ocra and sweet potatoes with him. I'm excited. I haven't had a true southern meal in a long time!! He's really cool though. Hopefully the elders will be able to teach him!

The last picture is of us and Amanda Hibbard. My favorite ward member in the 4th Ward.

I love you guys so much!!
Love Sister Denson

ps you don't need to do anything about the mosquitoes. I'll be fine. They aren't THAT bad....


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