Monday, June 7, 2010

June 7, 2010--YSA Exchange

Hey guys!!! Sounds like you all have had so much fun this week and last weekend!!! Isn't summer great??? Yeah, the weather is like that year round here:):) It has been POURING this entire week. The rain gage that you sent this week mom, was perfect timing. Too bad I kept forgetting to put it out there until this morning! Oh well, I'm pretty sure it will rain again;)

Dad, to answer your question about using the car full time now. The answer is no. We will actually be using it a WHOLE LOT LESS!! I don't know if they counted your miles when you were on your mission, but they only give us a certain amount of miles each month. When I first got to Miami we had 1250. Awesome! Then we were cut down to 1000 (because both me and Hermana L had bikes), now our area is ridiculously huge and we still only have 1000 miles. At first we thought it was ridiculous, but then we were told why and now were really excited. We are to be using the members as much as possible, riding our bikes and even using public transportation. We checked into buying monthy bus passes (Yes, I've humbled myself into using public transportation) but they are $100 for a month! Thats way to expensive, so we really need our members to help us. I love the bike so much! We are going to be on it a ton! The only thing that I really don't like about the bike is right after it rains there are A TON of swarms of nats. It's so dang gross and annoying!!!! They get stuck in our hair lines, in our eyes and of course occasionally our mouths. It's special.

When I was up in Plantation with Sister Ramey this week we went biking to an appointment on Thursday. It was ESPECIALLY humid and hot and gross Thursday. So we go biking it was SO humid! We get to the appointment and what? They have no air conditioner. LOL we were sweating so bad. We get in the house and were constantly wiping sweat off our arms, faces, upper lips everything. We were sweating so much that our skirts were becoming wet because of the sweat!!! I wish you guys could see it because you probably cant imagine ME in that kind of situation. It was so great. One of those cherished mission minutes.
Then, on Friday it was raining in ridiculous amounts. Like a down pour almost like the one we went through in Independence. We had Sister Call's bike on the back of the car, cause we were going to deliver it to her (She's in Hollywood by the way mom). Her seat has a rip on it from when she got in the accident, and we didn't want to get her seat wet, so we were going to put a bag over it. We get to a stop light and I was like "Pop the trunk, I'm going!" So Sister Ramey pops the trunk, I grab the bag and put it over the seat. As soon as I put the trunk down I get the sheet of water slap my whole right side. LOL it was hilarious. I was SOAKED!!!! My hair looked like I jumped in the shower. It was fun.

I love being a missionary so much! I'm so excited for Nique!!!!! Tell her I really want her to write me. I want to tell her everything!!! She's actually crossed my mind numerous times about serving a mission. She would be fabulous because she has that true conversion story. She'll be able to connect with so many people on that level. I hope she gets called here! :):) It is after all, the "greatest mission in all the land!!!!"
Being in YSA is completely different from the family wards, but I know I am supposed to be here for a reason. I'll probably learn more from then than they'll ever learn from me. They are pretty supportive of making sacrifices, but they'll be so excited to make them one the branch starts growing and they see the blessings come. Being on exchanges with the Nova Sisters really helped. We learned a lot and it got me PUMPED!!!!

I'm adding some picutes of our exchange. This is how crazy we got.

Thank you so much for everything!!!!!
LOVE, Sister Denson

Sister Denson and Sister Ramey
Hermana Lealaogata and Sister May
Snapper Creek YSA and Nova YSA Sister Missionaries!
Sister May, Sister Denson, Sister Lealaogata, Sister Ramey
A little crazy!! They had a GREAT time!!
Definitely silly sisters!!

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