Monday, June 21, 2010

June 21, 2010--I'm a Nurse and a Beautician!

Hey guys! Sounds like you've had a fun week! Enjoy the sun! It's fabulous! I'm glad you liked all my packages. I'm just accumulating too much stuff! I need to send more stuff home.

I've had an eventful week! Tuesday morning we were told we were going on exchanges Wednesday through Friday with the Nova YSA sisters again. I would be going up to Plantation with Sister May and Sister Ramey would be coming down to Miami with Sister Lealaogata. It was such an amazing experience! I learned so much from Sister May. She's incredible. She was baptized about a year ago. Her family is strictly Catholic. She got kicked out of her home and disowned by her family. It's sad, but she is SO strong. She's got the most amazing testimony. One thing I absolutely love about her is that she is able to relate any situation to the Atonement. Its a gift.

So one of the many stories from the most eventful exchange ever: We used public transportation just about the entire time I was down there. Yeah, that was a new experience in itself for me! So we were done with one appointment for the night and were walking to the bus stop headed home. All of a sudden I look back over my left shoulder and I see the bus coming. We weren't at the stop yet so, of course, we start running. Sister May is a little bit of a clutz and fell. Flat on her face! I'm so rude, but I stopped, asked if she was okay while laughing at her and she responds, "KEEP RUNNING!!!! GO CATCH THE BUS!!!!" Hahahaha it was priceless. We were right in front of a KFC, so I'm sure it was entertaining for many, being dinner time and all.... So we get home for the night and check out her knees. Yeah, they looked HORRIBLE!!! This completely unnatural behavior in me kicked in and I became very nurturing. It was weird. I cleaned her all up (while she was on the verge of tears) and bandaged them up all pretty. Well, not really pretty considering the size of them. The first picture is of her left knee, and the second is of her right. [She ended up only sending one picture of Sister May's knees. OUCH!!] 

The third is me and her Friday morning before we left to get our companions. She's beautiful.

So, I get back with Hermana L at about noon of Friday. She's telling me that she's going to have Sister Vance cut her hair to her shoulders that night. I was excited! She's been talking about it for months, but just hasn't done it. This time her mind was made up. She was bound and determined for it. So we get her come cheap scissors from Walgreens and she's all set up ready to go and Sister Vance chickens out! She cant bring herself to cut it all off. So I volunteered. Yeah, me! I've never cut hair in my life! Only my bangs and I always get scared to do that!!!! So I get her hair all parted up and ready to cut. I was like, "Okay, this short?" She's like, "Yeah!" So I cut it and it bounces up! Her hair is curly! I expected it to bounce, but definitely not that high! It is so much shorter than expected, but she loves it. I just kept saying through the whole thing, "You're family is going to hate me!" Lol She was so excited. Yeah, I would  never be if I were in her situation. It looks pretty good if I do say so myself.... I'll never do it again though. Lol here are some pictures of it though. Mom, will you send them to Mona? Thanks!

Saturday was the most amazing day of my life. I learned so much! I can't really put it into words. It was so fun. Really got everyone thinking, and it was so spiritual. My favorite activity was the lean on me. I learned so much about a companionship and the way it has to work properly. The Mosaic Christ is stunning. We put all those pictures together. They told us we were putting them together for a scrapbook for President and Sister Hale. Joke was on us! They brought in the "scrapbooks" and then all of the lights go off. The curtains open and the MoTab is playing. The whole picture was covered with a red sheet. They dropped it and the lights came on. They just let us sit there and feel the spirit. It was so amazing. I LOVE THIS MISSION!!!!!

The Mission Zone Conference theme was:
"Do they see His countenance in you?" 

This picture is made up over 800 pictures of missionaries!

I'm sorry there aren't a lot of pictures. President wasn't the one taking them. If he was, there would be a whole lot more..... I wasn't able to take my camera around because everything was really hands on.

President and Sister Lake, Sister Denson 
She LOVES these wonderful people!!

Sister Denson with Sister and President Hale!
What WONDERFUL people!!
I love you guys!!!!
Have a wonderful week!!!
Love, Sister Denson

P.S. The picture that I'm awkwardly squatting is some of the missionary moms' missionaries. We didn't get all of them, but we didn't know who all of them were. I don't know what happened to Elder Langford though!!

Elder Wilcox, Sister Crane, Sister Denson, Sister Call, Elder Lauck, Elder Wardle, Elder Gubernick

The last is of Apuleyo. He got baptized yesterday!

Sister Vance, Sister Briggs, Apuleyo, [?], Hermana Lealaogata, Sister Denson

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