Monday, March 29, 2010

March 29, 2010--This has been a great week!

Hey guys!

How is everything going with everyone?? I hope good! How is the weather? It's starting to really warm up here, but of course we have the occasional rainy day. Like today. Just on again and off again. The other night the rain was pouring so hard that we couldn't see anything out the windows. Of course it was in the wee hours of the morning, so of course I couldn't sleep. It was crazy! Believe it or not I love the stormy Florida days. They are so beautiful. I think we're coming up on rainy season, but I'm not sure. We have had a lot lately though.

This week has been so wonderful! Okay, so Wednesday we had District Council up at almost the top of our border. We were low on miles, so we thought we'd take advantage of the bikes. We had an appointment up there later Wednesday night, so obviously it'd be smart to stay up there. So after District Council we jumped on the bikes and went to a couple of homes. I LOVE THE BIKE!! They are so much fun! I was wearing the shirt Kenzi gave me for Christmas with just a Shade shirt under it. Yeah, of course I forgot sunscreen and we were in the sun for 4 hours straight. Yeah, the back of my neck got fried!! Surprisingly it didn't hurt that bad. I put lotion on my arms but apparently not far enough up because the tops of my arms got burned too and so now I've got a wonderful tan line. Haha it's actually quite hilarious. Thursday hurt the worst, but luckily it was weekly planning, so I just wore a shade shirt and pants around the house most of the day. It started to peel yesterday and today it was so gross! Sister Brown loves peeling it off, so I sat on the floor while she just had the time of her life. It feels so much better now because it was itching really really bad! Haha she's a goof. Anyway, while we were headed to see one person when we passed a street and I felt like we should go down there. I pulled over and told Sister L and so we turned around and went down there. We ended up meeting a member from Gilbert, AZ. He's the ward mission leader there. He was so awesome! He is here in Miami all the time, but never has come to church because he's not usually here over the weekend. He might be here for Conference Weekend so we gave him a church invite with a mini map of where the church was. It was so awesome to just sit there and talk to a member for a while. We talked about how our mission is doing in the work and how his is going and his mission experiences. It was so fun! I'm so grateful I followed that prompting!

We had the wonderful opportunity to attend the YW broadcast on Saturday. It was AMAZING! We had to leave right after President Uchtdorf's talk, so we missed a little, but I'm so glad we got to stay for his. It was amazing! I'm excited to reread all of them when we get a Conference Ensign! I'm so excited for Conference this week! Make sure you are all home at 10:00 so you can see the whole thing! We're not expecting any exciting announcements, but you just need to make sure you are there. REALLY listen to the talks. They are so amazing! We only get this beautiful opportunity twice a year! We take having a prophet for granted! My challenge for you is to watch and listen to conference and to not do other tasks while doing so. No cleaning the house, no sewing, no nothing. Take notes! I promise. You will get so much more from Conference!

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Thank you so much for everything!
I love you all so much!
Love, Sister Denson

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