Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 9, 2010--What's Up?!?!?!

How is everyone?? It sounds like you are all doing good! It's really good to hear that!
I'm doing so good! We have had a wonderful past week. There are actually pictures to depict all of it, so I'm going to attach them and then narrate each one. That's how it's going to be this week.

Picture one: The Weidner's. Krystal, the mom, just had Jacob on Feb. 13. This is all of them with the blanket that mom made for Jacob. Brother Weidner wasn't there when we gave it to them two weeks ago. He got called into work. But he did send us a text later saying, "Thank you so much for the coolest blanket ever!" Haha, so Mom, props. He loves it! They both do.

Picture two: Sister Schulthies on her birthday. I drug her into Chili's with a blindfold (AKA her slip. I forgot to grab something) and earplugs. Stacia took this while sitting at the table. Haha Sister Schulthies had no idea!!

Picture three: Annette's baptism. She got baptized on Sunday. She's 8 years old. We taught her, but she is a child of record. When we first started going over there, her mom was an angry woman. She was always throwing out hatred towards the church. She was baptized in 1989, but never had a firm testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. She was always telling us false doctrine and crazy stuff. We challenged her to read it again with a new mindset. She is amazing now! She just finished it Sunday and has the firmest testimony of it. She is a completely different person now! Annette is so smart and knows so much about the gospel! She bore her testimony on Sunday about the Book of Mormon, about what a prophet is and how important it is that we have them on the earth today. It was amazing! It was so wonderful!

Picture four: Us and her after her baptism in her new pretty white dress.

Picture five: Us and Sister Johnson. Isn't she beautiful??? She is so amazing! Sunday night she cooked us the traditional Korean New Year's Eve dinner. It was so weird and good. Hand made rice cakes--which are nothing like the ones that Quaker Oats Brand makes, and these things that Sister Schulthies knows as pot stickers. I guess you can buy them at Costco. But these were 10 times better because they were the real deal. Sorry her eyes were closed.

Picture Six (She forgot to attach this one): Brielle Gagne. Her parents are divorced, and her dad is ex-communicated. He's so amazing though. He is working towards baptism as fast as he can. She's got three older brothers that are there each time we go over. They are the most amazing family! What she was wearing that day reminded us of a Sister Missionary, so Sister Schulthies gave her her tag for a minute and snapped a picture of us. Isn't she adorable!

I just have a couple of things to mention, mostly for Mom:
1. Can I wash my bag in the washer? It's getting dirty...
2. The other night my GPS flashed a sign of plugging it into the computer. I guess to update it. I don't have anything to attach it with. Can you search that out. She's been pretty darn slow lately....
3. The leggings rock. I'm wearing a pair today to test them out. They feel good under a skirt, but I just don't see how girls wear them with "longer shirts."
4. I don't think I'll be able to have Heather Hale do my hair because I can't just take a day off and go up to Plantation to have her do it. If I ever serve there I for sure will though. I'll have to find someone around here to do it. I'll ask around some of the ladies in the ward.

It sounds like all of you are doing good this week! I hope you have a wonderful week and remember to read from the Book of Mormon.

Speaking of which!!!! I finished the Book of Mormon for my first time ever! It was so amazing! I finished it Friday! I of course have always known it's true, but I prayed anyway. It was amazing. I was in the bedroom, and Sister S was in the living room. I wen and sat on the couch next to the chair she was sitting in and told her I finished it. And then of course, you all know me....I started bawling my eyes out!!!!!! I just sat there and cried! It is the most amazing book ever! I can't ever go another day in my life without reading it. Just as Joseph Smith says in the introduction: It is the most true book on the earth today. I love this book with all my heart. I love learning about what we are to do to prepare to meet Christ and Heavenly Father. I can't even express in words my love for this Book. It's so beautiful! Please read it! I want you to know how precious it is to me, and how precious it can be to you!

I love you all so much! I know it is sometimes hard to be apart, but it is most definitely for the best. Just like Sister Vuki said mom, this has changed my eternity. I love being a missionary and I love seeing others changes as they read the Book of Mormon!!!!

Love, Sister Denson!

Ps Yes, I know Elder Hatfield-I served with him my first transfer and just saw him yesterday. I know Sister Keller, but have never served with her. I've heard great things about her though. Her and Sister S were companions during the MTC and have been companions a lot here.
PPS that is CRAZY about Sister Ellsworth!!! How COOL!!!!!!
PPS the past few times I have gotten pictures from you I can't even see them. They are huge!!! I could tell this week that it was Char Char, but last week all I could tell is that it was some girl. I have no idea what she was doing, or who she was....
PPPS Yes, I am staying in Miami. I thought I told you that last week. They wouldn't whitewash this area that fast.... I think I know who my next companion is going to be, but I'm not going to say anything. She and I are going to light this place on fire though, according to President. :)

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