Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1, 2010--Hey Guys!!

Hey guys, how are you? Sounds like everyone is feeling better? Good! I have felt much better this week too. I had a LOT of Powerade this week and it has helped. No migraines!

I'm so jealous that you all got to see Randy (It's so weird not to call him Elder Denson!). He looks good! I love all the pictures. Make sure Brady knows I love the one of him. Classic Brady. Dork. Tell him I sent a card to him, but he never responded back. I'm so disappointed! ;)

I am so jealous that you got to hear from L. Tom Perry and the others! That would have been amazing! Elder Gibbons from the Seventy will be here on my birthday, and we get to work with him one on one. I'm so excited. He gave a killer talk at our broadcast Stake Conference in January. He's going to go more in depth of that.

I only have one birthday request. I want my hair highlighted. I have no idea who will do it yet, but I look so ugly. The sisters say I don't, but it will totally boost my self esteem:) You all know what I'm talking about;) Other than that, I can't think of anything. I've asked President about wearing leggin's under our skirts to cover our garments, but he hasn't said anything. I'll text him today and let you know as soon as I can. If you think I would like the shirts, then yeah! I would love some new shirts. I don't really care what colors. I love variety! Although, please keep in mind how bad sweat shows up on your clothes in the summer down here:):)

I've only got a few plans for Sister Schulthies. We have a dinner with a member out on Key Biscayne, which she is ridiculously excited for. She loves going out there. Some how I am going to get us to Chili's at 7:15. The whole District will be there, as well as Stacia and Ryan. Stacia has decoration for the table, she's going to get balloons, she's going to make us all wear party hats and just humiliate her as much as she can. I'm excited!!:) She has no idea. I've talked with the other sisters about it a lot. Haha each morning when she is in the shower! Yes! She has no idea about it either! You'll most definitely be getting pictures. You'll have to for sure send them to her mom when I get them to you.

Biffy Turner had a baby?? I totally don't remember that. Hmmm.... Tell them I said congratulations!

That is so sad to hear about Sister Dayer. She was such an amazing sister. She added so much to our ward! Give them my sympathy. Aren't we SO grateful to know that this life is not the end?? I love reading about the Plan of Salvation in the Book of Mormon. It's so comforting! How can anyone deny this work??

Yeah, the Dallings weren't supposed to go home until the end of February, but the left early because their daughter needed their help with her newborn. You should go to their Homecoming! I LOVE THE DALLINGS!!! I was heartbroken to hear they went home early.

Peter is awesome. He has incredible faith. He was so prepared! His first week in the YSA branch, the Branch President felt so good about him that he gave him a Preach My Gospel. He loves it. He cherishes it. He had a lame boss that made him choose a paycheck or his religion. Most Recent Converts would have a hard time making that decision, but he didn't at all. It was black and white. He no longer has a job, but he knows that Heavenly Father will bless him because he made the right decision. He's so cool!

I'm for sure staying in this area. I was driving home last night, and I just got this strong impression that I will be here for a while longer because I am needed here. President told me that my next companion will come in here with a fire and we are going to rock this place! I'm so excited! It's exactly what I need!!!!!!

I'm so sorry this email is ridiculously lame. I don't have a whole lot to report on.
Will you all dedicate to reading the Book of Mormon? Reading it everyday completely effects my day. Yes, I am a missionary, but I am also still a human being. Satan works harder on us that most other people. I've noticed, when I had my migraines I didn't get a chance to read from it, and it completely affected me. Learn from their teachings. They are incredible!!! I'm in Mormon 5. Yes, this is my first time finishing it in my life. I thought that I was the worst person ever for never reading it, but as I read it I've realized that my heart was never prepared for it until now. I've always known it's true, but have never known the teachings or events. Its AMAZING! I love it with all my heart. I promise you, as a official representative of Jesus Christ, that it will bless you. The heavens will open and blessings will be poured out upon you!!

I love you all with all my heart!
Love, Sister Denson

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