Monday, March 15, 2010

March 15, 2010--Le-ala-o-gata

Hey guys! How is everything going!??

It sounds like the week went well! You all looked happy at Red Robin, well, except Zack... But he was just making his usual Zack face, so I assume he is doing well ;)
Just a note on those pictures mom: PLEASE re-size them. They are HUGE!! I have to scroll across the screen to see each one of your faces. Talk about up close and personal! Yeah, if you could just do that I'd really appreciate it, that way I can actually enjoy the pictures....

Anyway, you are all probably wondering how on earth you say my new companions name. Her name is Hermana Le/ala/o/gata (Le is not said like Lee, but like it's got a Spanish accent on it. Le/Lay) She is from Taylorsville, UT. Why do you ask?? Hahaha her heritage is pure Samoan. She is so fun! She is such a hard worker and I am so excited to be with her this transfer! She is a Spanish speaking sister, so she is able to help that way. I think I am going to take advantage of Sister Brown living in the same apartment as me. She is extremely skilled at Spanish and will definitely be one that will help me. It's her last transfer, so I only have six weeks! She's a total goof. I love her.

Dad, you asked how it is to be Senior Companion. I thought it would be much different, but it's not really. Obviously I'm in charge of keeping us busy and making sure we get work done, and if anything goes wrong, then it falls on my shoulders. I don't feel any different or added pressure or anything. I know that I have to live even closer to the spirit, so that I know where we need to go or what we need to do. I'm grateful for that. It forces me to be even more exactly obedient. We work together though, and we're really unified already. This transfer is going to be so great!

Speaking of babies. It was so fun last week to have that opportunity to meet Sister Joseph. She told me to tell you, Mom, that she is "Astonished, amazed, and grateful." She said that in her broken English. Her English has improved so much since she has been here. The other girl in the picture is one from the Weston Ward that is helping her out. She drives her and translates when she needs to. They have become really good friends. Sister Joseph was just so sweet and humble. The Kendall Sisters and us got to help set up the Hale's home for the departing missionaries dinner, and then got to eat lunch with them. It was so fun to just sit back and relax with President and Sister Hale. They are so amazing.

I'm crushed that Sister Schulthies hasn't contacted you at all. She has Mom's birthday present! She was supposed to give it to you yesterday. Hand-delivered and all. I'm so sorry mom!!!! I promise, I did get you something! I'm not a horrible daughter! Let me know if you get it on Sunday. If she forgets, make sure and ask her. Tuesday night was hard because they made me say the mighty prayer and I just started bawling when I prayed for her safety and for being ready to see her family again. Wednesday she was just so excited to go to the Temple and to be with Hermana Keller again that she just gave me a quick hug and ran to the van. I can't blame her. I would be dying to get to the Temple as soon as I could too!

I am sending a package home this week, or sometime soon. I have some clothes that I just don't wear, and know I won't ever wear. I'm including some other things too. One, being my stack of CD's. President Hale had to get even stricter on our music privileges. We are now only allowed to listen to Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I'm totally fine with it, except, I can't listen to the Reflections of Christ CD's and Alex Boye's Be Still, My Soul. Those three are my absolute favorite. I'm so sad to send them home. Take care of them. Don't let them get scratched. I will listen to them all the time when I get home.

Mom, my bag is becoming even more and more a big hit. I was over at a members home last night and they want two! One for mom, and one for daughter. Can you make up a list of prices, sizes and all your info? Everyone is asking me about them! Also, Sister Lealaogata wants a backpack for the bike. I asked what her favorite colors are and she said she'll have her sister buy the material and stuff if you just tell her what she needs. Her name is Mona. Will you just call her. Let Brother Wilton know if you need any more info. Thanks!!

I love you all so much!!
Have a great week!!! LOVE, Sister Denson
PS President has the apostles pic hanging right as you walk in the door. It's in the most perfect spot. Everyone raves about it as they walk in. It was fun to be there the other day when so many sisters just awed over it. :)

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