Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22, 2010--Best Birthday Ever!!

Hey guys!! How was your week? I hope it was good! From the looks of the pictures that mom sent me it looks like the weather is starting to brighten! It's been SO beautiful here! I love it! Low seventies all day long! Today, though, it's pouring. Gotta love the Florida rain.

Okay, so this years birthday was the best birthday ever! I was so excited to have Zone Conference on my birthday. I LOVE Zone Conferences. They are so spiritually uplifting and I learn so much from them! I love being able to see missionaries from other zones that you don't get to see on a daily basis. They just rock. I love them! Anyway, so I opened my birthday outfit on Tuesday night because we had to get up at the crack of dawn to be at the chapel at 7:45. Okay, we only got up at 5:30, but taking away that one hour from a missionaries sleep is crucial! So I got up on Wednesday and could see in the dark that there was stuff all over the floor in our room. I knew that I didn't leave it a mess when I went to bed.... So I got up and walked across the room and what? I like tripped over a gazillion balloons!! I flip on the closet light and apologize to Sister L and all she says is Happy Birthday. Haha So I go into the bathroom and there is a banner across the mirror saying Happy B-day! It made me so happy:) I showered and then went out the kitchen and as soon as I opened the door to the living room there comes a ton of green streamers in my face. The sisters decorated the apartment after I had fallen asleep. They took advantage of the fact that I hit the pillow and in less than 5 min and knocked out cold. Anyway so there was the streamer stuff that mom sent ALL OVER! From wall to wall, kitchen to living room. They definitely had a lot of fun. Then, on the counter was a cake for me. It was so adorable! The cake that you sent, mom, didn't last in the mail. It was totally crunched and munched. They went and bought a new one and made it for me. The grocery stores don't sell rainbow chip down here, so they bought a vanilla one and put red and green sprinkles in it to trick me. Haha they're so cute. I LOVE the skirts that you made me! Thank you so much! And just to let you know, I wear my wacky skirts all the time, apparently I just don't get pictures taken while I am wearing them. I promise though. I wear them!
Going to Zone Conference was ridiculously awesome! Elder Gibbons had such a wonderful discussion with us. He taught us more about Doctrine, Principle, Application. We role played a little, but just mostly discussed how we can better improve working with our members, doctrine, prinicple, application, and helping our members invite their friends! After, we had lunch. It was fun! As we were headed to the gym for lunch President announced over the pulpit for everyone to wish me a happy birthday. I just shook my head at him and he just grinned. Sister Crane and Sister Call came to me as I was talking to Sister Hale in the gym before I got my food and they told Sister Hale to keep me there. They run off and come back with a cake that they made for me. It was so adorable! I love those two sisers SO much!! They are so dang fun! Sister Vance is amazing and thinks of everything, so she went and got my camera and started snapping pictures of me. It was funny because my batteries were dying and of course I didn't have back ups so she was taking them as fast as she could. They are totally candid, but I love them. So we ate lunch, then Sister Hale came in with the birthday basket and announced all the birthdays. Of course she started with mine because mine was that day, and when I got up from my table and walked up to her everyone started clapping for me. My "former" Sister Denson would have been beet red and completely embarrassed. Now, I was only a tiny bit embarrassed, but pretty much loved every minute of it:) It was so fun! So everyone came up and we all sang happy birthday. It was so fun!

We went home and I opened the rest of my gifts. Thank you so much for all the clothes! I love them all! Haha don't worry, I haven't gained weight. I think I've lost some, so no worries. All of them fit. Today I'm wearing the green one that you tried to iron, but gave up on. It wrinkles when I look at it, but it's adorable so I live with it :) I had such a good day! Thank you so much for everything!!! I loved it all! It was truly the best birthday ever!

The rest of the week was good. A little slow because all of our investigators are "too busy" to meet with us. Ugh. It's frustrating sometimes. I'm excited though for this week. We are going to be out in the sun and finding new people to teach. I'll let you know how it goes!

Tell Jordan I said he rocks! That is so cool that he got to play on the organ again!!! I'm totally jealous. I hope he gets to play on it again when I get home so I can hear him!

That's the craziest thing about Sister Pirotta's mom and Lauren's mom! Unbelievable! BTW Tell Lauren I would like to hear from her. I sent her a card ages ago and she hasn't written back. She needs to write more.

The only thing I need in my Easter Basket is some birthday cards. I'm almost out! The sisters love to use them for their family and friends.

I am going to take that shirt back from Target, and buy a bike pump. We don't have one and for some reason my tires are low. It'll be what Grandma Denson got me for my birthday ;)

I'm attaching a few pictures from my birthday. Some of the ones that I like the best.

I love you all so much! Thank you so much for all the clothes! You guys are the BEST!!!
LOVE, Sister Denson

She FINALLY got her white jacket!! WAHOO!!

Happy Birthday Sister Denson!!

Sister Call and Sister Crane from the Homestead Zone brought her a cake!

Sister Call, Sister Denson, and Sister Crane.
Love those girls (and their moms!!)!!

Sister Denson, Sister Call, Sister Lowe, and Sister Crane.
Silly girls!

These must be the pictures she said Sister Vance was snapping as fast as she could before the batteries died in her camera. Funny!!

Sister Lealaogata and Sister Denson doing wheelies on their bikes.
(That giggle/hysterical laugh is so typical of Sammi! We miss that!!!)

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