Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September 8, 2009--HELLO!!

Hello everyone!

How are all of you? I'm doing great!! This week has been awesome. It feels like ages since I've emailed you! Crazy, it's only been one extra day! Sounds like you're all having fun with the new 4-wheeler, and it especially looks like the puppies are too. :D I miss them. There are dogs all over here and I love being able to pet them, but they're not MY puppies, so it's not the same. I miss Charlie's long fur. Everyone here has their dogs fur/hair cut short.

I'm sorry you weren't able to see Rosa. We tried to meet with her last week before she left and found out she was already out of town and it didn't sound like it was in Utah. I'll have to tell you more about her if we are able to meet with her later this week. Who knows?

We have a lot of investigators right now. Not all of them are progressing a ton, so it's a little stressful. They are all amazing people, they just aren't fully committed. We have a family of four though. We are struggling with them a little because they really want to be baptized, but don't really undestand that we are different from just a Christian church. They are interesting though. Irving, the dad is about 85-90 years old and has prostate cancer. He's scared of dying but is living in the past. Whenever we go over there, he gets off on such tangents about being a Jew in Germany and the difficulties of that. Plus, we're not sure if he's catching everything that we're teaching. Ethel, his wife, is so sweet, but at the same time, she's always yelling at their grandson, Michael (I'll tell you about him in a minute). She loves having us over too, but she has a tendency to fall asleep during our lessons. She loves us dearly but we also can't tell with her if she's understanding everyting. Gail, their 50-year old daughter lives with them and is interesting. She's got a wandering eye and I never know which eye to look at! HAHA Horrible, huh? It's definitely a struggle for me! I'm working on it though! Just look at the bridge of her nose. :D :D She seems to be the one that is most interested in the church, but we taught her an amazing lesson last week in a memeber's home. The spirit was strong and the lesson went awesome. We asked her how she felt, but we assumed calm because of the spirit and she simply stated, "Confused." HAHA yeah...didn't expect that answer. I don' tknow if she's truly thinking about the gospel while we're teaching her. Michael, the grandson, is 17 and has a severe learning disability. We thought they said he was autistic one day, but then the other day they said he was just lazy, and another just retarded. He doesn' treally talk, but when he does, it's really hard to understand him. He's so sweet and loves us and is always excited when "his sisters" come over to visit. He knows right from wrong, but can't really retain anything that we've taught him, so we're struggling to know if he needs to be baptized. We want to bring a member over to their home, but Irving would have to tell their entire life history too. We're specifically focusing on them this week because we really think they want to be baptized. I'll update you more on them next week.

Last week in my email, I meant to say can you send me my New York and Company watches. I want to wear them when we aren't tracting. I miss them. Oh, and my hot pink nail polish. We are allowed to keep our toes painted. :D

I got your package on Tuesday. I can't believe it got here that fast!!

Why on earth has Dad been working so much overtime?? I swear he never has to work overtime!! Sad!

Oh, I sent Elder Swain a letter, but I just sent it to his mission home. That is really interesting. It's probably because his mission is so big. That's how it was for Garrett too though. Mine is smaller and so that's probably why.

I've got some pictures to add. I saw some monster iguanas this week. One of them was orange. Crazy huh? Also, I saw the biggest spider I've ever seen in my life. It's on Sister Lowe's camera, so she's going to get me some prints of it and then I'll send it to you. One of us four at the beach.

I just need you to send a couple extra things int he package: my Joseph Smith watercolor quilt. Yeah, I know. I hate to show it off, but the Hales are really big on sharing your talents. Since it's the only one I have...can you send it? Oh, and in the three Plan of Salvations that you sent me, I was missing the Terrestrial Glory in one of them. It was not the big huge one, or the one that you sent in Spanish. The one with the colorful pages.

Can you ask Carl why I get so tired during the day? If I don't take a nap in the early afternoon, I pretty much can't function at night. Is it just part of being a missionary?

Well, it sounds like you are all doing amazing! I love you and have a wonderful week! I gotta go!


Love, Sister Sammi Denson

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