Monday, September 14, 2009

September 14, 2009--Hello!!

I hate gmail!!!! It didnt save my email and my time expired so I had to re sign in. I lost everything. I guess I'll send you a long snail mail letter today:(:(:(:( SAD!!!
But just one thing. Don't worry about sending my quilt this week. I dont' need it any time soon. The Hales just want to see it. But I do want some more of those propel packets. I love the Kiwi Strawberry one and Grape! YUM!!!
I hate gmail.
I LOVE YOU ALL and will send a long snail mail. I LOVE YOU

As soon as we get the snail mail, I'll post it. A sad day!! :( However, we did get to "chat" and she's OK. I'm grateful for that!!

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