Monday, September 28, 2009

September 28, 2009--First Week of Transfer 2

Hello everyone!!

First off, what is Zack and Kenzi's email address? I send this to everyone except them.... If you could get that to me I'd appreciate it.

How are you guys!!!!??? How is school and work? I hope you are all keeping busy! Me, of course I am!

First, okay, second--thank you for the package! I'm excited to be able to use all of the Plan of Salvation stuff you sent. The religion thing is amazing. We actually have a huge copy of it hanging us in our apartment, right above my desk, but I know that not everyone has it, so it'll be so useful when I'm sent to other areas. Thank you! Also, I absolutely LOVE the Eternal Family stuff!

Before I forget I just want to ask for a couple of things to be sent in my "pillowcase a month" package. Speaking of which--I LOVE THOSE!!! I don't know if I've told you that before mom, but I get so excited at the end of each month to get a new one:):) A little piece of home:) Um, but if there is any room for more salsa I know we'd all LOVE it:) Haha Sister Pirotta and I ate the entire jar in one sitting. How sad huh. It was so delicious!!!! And then when we were pretty much done with it we realized we didn't save any for the other sisters, so we felt really bad. Oops! Oh, and some facial cleansing cloths. There are only 30 in a package and I use them every night. I seriously love those things! And a bottle/tube of my Velocity face wash. I think they are in my closet that is attached to my dresser. They should be in a Mary Kay bag. Thank you so much! Sorry for always asking for so much stuff!

Okay, so the fun part of the email. Transfer week has been fun. We got another sister added to our companionship, Sister Call. And how did her mom find that out so fast? Does she have connections somewhere? She is so fun though! She is like a spitting image of Heidi Hunsaker! Its so strange some days! I love her though. She is always to cheerful and ditsy and is so willing to do so many new things. Her Spanish has definitely come in handy, so we've been able to talk to so many more people. She had never been tracting before and so Sister Pirotta and a member of the ward went to one appointment and Sister Call and I went tracting. I was so nervous when she told me she had never been before! I'm always the shy quiet one when I go with Sister Pirotta. I did not want her first experience to be with me! But guess what! Heavenly Father blessed me so much because we would go to a door and I was completely confident and new exactly what to say I, and I did it! I was so proud of myself!
She's excited to do more of it--I think she's crazy. I hate tracting. It's so ineffective.
Sister Pirotta and I were told at last minute to not go to transfer meeting, that our new companion would just be sent home with Sister Lowe and her new companion. We were sad because every single person in our district got to go except us. Oh well, there will be many more in the future.

So Sister Lowe is still here and she has another ASL companion. She was "born" here in Boca, which just means this was her first area. Where she was trained. So I was also "born" in Boca. Its stupid mission lingo and I think it's lame. I never use it and hope not to ever. Anyway-Her name is Sister Moore and she looks EXACTLY like Alexis Bledel. It's crazy. Sister Magnusson got sent down to Hollywood. There are a lot more ASL people down there. They actually have 2 interpreters in the ward. Full time. She is down there to get to know the area again because she'll be training a sister down there that is actually deaf. She comes in next transfer. Sister Magnusson only has 2 transfers left though. Sad! I love her! I didn't even get to say goodbye either! I woke up Wednesday morning with the WORST migraine! It was awful! I did get to talk to her the next day though and say goodbye. We're of course going to exchanges addresses though.

You guys should see our bedroom. I sent you guys pictures of it before, but now we've had to rearrange it all because we had to fit a new bed and make room for a new person. We have all 3 of our beds right next to each other. It's like a sleepover every night! I'll get a picture of it and send it to you sometime. I probably won't be sending my chip home any time soon because I don't have a lot of pictures on it yet. I'll probably send it when I get to 100. But Sister Magnusson is really nervous about me sending something like that home because there have been so many things that missionaries send home that have been stolen. I'll figure something out. Maybe I'll send it with a signature delivery card though. I don't know what they're called, but I'll get it to you somehow.

Dad- as for your email we've seen MANY blessings answered! I can't think of any of them specifically right now, but I will start writing them so I can tell you guys about them. Sorry!! I'll flip through my journal and see what I can find.

I can't believe you guys are getting another 4 wheeler! And going to the sand dunes?? We've never done that before! Gees. Lucky. Oh well, I'm out here serving the Lord and having tons of fun that way! Did you ever try okra (oak-ra) when you were on your mission? Its really popular in the south. I had pickled ocra last week. The same meal that I had salmon for the first time. It was interesting, but I keep getting told that fried okra is the best. As long as it isn't fried too long, cause then it can get as slimy as snot. Gross!

I didn't get to try any crazy new foods this week, but I did get to try a papusa (papoosa). It's a El Salvadorian food. Its like a pancake with beans and cheese on the inside and then you put this cabbage mixture on top with a spicy tomato sauce over that. It was SO good. We were able to have one because Sister Call will go up to people and talk to them in Spanish. She asks where they are from and then is always like oh, I love your food! She'll mention something specifically though. It's hilarious. She says that's the only way she can relate to people and to get the conversation going. Haha its funny, but hey, it gets us free food! MMM now I want another one! The lady we got them from didn't want to hear our message, but she was willing to give us some of her food. Haha she was so sweet.

Um, none of our investigators are progressing right now. We are down to 4. Its frustrating at times. We extended a date to Valerie, I think I told you about her last week, but it freaked her out. We told her not to feel pressured, but to pray about it. We're giving her some space, so we'll see how it goes later this week. Another investigator, Maree, she like disappears for days at a time, but we've put the ball in her court, so when she's ready, she can call us and we'd be more that happy to come teach her.

For General Conference we will be watching at the Church. We made these really nice invitations for our members to give to someone to invite them to watch a session with them. Its been fun to see who they are going to invite. Most of them have someone in mind. We'll just have to see if they follow through. It will start at noon though. It'll be so weird to not roll out of bed and have German Pancakes (even though I don't eat them) in the oven and watch it in my jammies. We have to be in our "full attire." Which means we have to wear tights and our jackets. I'm not looking forward to that part. I hate those stupid jackets. They're ugly and uncomfortable. Oh well, exact obedience!

We're also doing something that I've never done before. Every member is suppose to do it, but I've never thought of it. We pray to know what questions we want answered, questions that we have and cant find answers to, and write them down, and most likely they will be answered in GC. I'm excited! Everyone has told me how amazing conference is as a missionary! Did you guys go to the Relief Society broadcast? We did! I learned SO much about the history of RS! I love Sister Thompson. She's gives amazing talks and they are always so funny. She's so cute! Also, President Eyring. He talked a lot about the history of the RS too. I had no idea that the RS also formed the Primary and YW and the Bishops Warehouse and so many other things! I was like "What...???" So cool. I don't know why I was surprised by it, but I was. I shouldn't be, but I was.

Yesterday we fasted as a whole mission for a temple announcement at General Conference for a temple here in either Miami or Ft Lauderdale. Pray for it! We do every day! I'll forward you an email that President sent us on how amazing the work is going.

Well, I better go! I think this is a pretty long email. I haven't read the long one yet.
Thank you all for ALL of your support! Thank Jessika for the letter that she sent me this week. I was so excited! I probably will write her back next week though. I have to write Elder Swain today:):) Just send her a text. Thanks! Oh, and i know I say this every week, but have any of you gotten a hold of Lauren? I REALLY want to hear from her!! She's breaking my heart and its almost completely broken:(:( Sad.
Anyway! Well, here is a new picture of my companionship! I loved the pictures of the wall hanging. I was thinking about where you said it's hung--I better NOT have replaced the First Presidency. That's like a sin! My favorites were the pictures of the dogs too:):):) It made my day. Char Char is so pretty. My favorite was the one where Charlie is licking Dad's face and Dad is giggling (so cute!) with Demi wanting to get in on the fun. That one made me so happy!! Give them all butt rubs and big hugs and kisses!!!!!

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEK!!! I'm excited for General Conference!


Sister Pirotta, Sister Denson, Sister Call

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