Friday, September 18, 2009

September 14, 2009--Family!

This is the snail mail we received on Friday, September 18. FINALLY!!

Okay, I am so sorry about the whole gmail thing. I don't know why it was having problems, but I got my whole letter written, but it wouldn't attach pictures. I clicked send and it said my time had expired and that I needed to re-sign in. I was fine with that cause gmail saves your drafts. Yeah, so I signed back in and there were only like 7 lines saved. I was so sad/angry/frustrated! Ugh! I feel like I always have issues while emailing. So, lucky you, you get to read this snail mail in my bad handwriting.

I talked to Sister Hale on Tuesday because she called me about the meds. I also talked to President about it during my PPI and they both think it's my body is just trying to adjust to being constantly on the go. He said if I am still like this by the next PPI we'll figure something out. I'll be fine. Don't worry about it. :D Sorry to cause any red flages and alarms. :D haha Sorry!

The Bergers are slowly progressing. They all accepted the date, but then changed their minds later because Irving doesn't want to do anything until his health gets better. He's at least come to terms with the doctors and is going to start chemo in three weeks.

I'm glad you got to go to Peach Days! It sounds like you had a really good time. I hope he (Jon Schmidt) is able to get permission from Cold Play to produce that song. Sad he had to pull it off YouTube though! I definitely want the hymns CD that Kiera told you about.

Thank you so much for all the addresses! I'll definitely write them. I can definitely quilt your bear quilt, Mom, on the seams. Maybe you can even get LuAnn to trace the bears' face. It's ADORABLE though! All of the stuff you guys have sewn is adorable! It makes me jealous though! I'm excited to help Sister Hale with hers when she gets home. You guys will absolutely love, love, LOVE them! At my PPI on Friday, he told me I'm stuck with them for the rest of my life because we're practically next door neighbors. I said I'm pretty sure I'll survive. Then he said he just might end up on our front porch one day. They are amazing. I'm glad we live so close.

Dad--I love your emails. HAHA. They have so much emotion in them. :D But why did you get locked out? Did they finally catch you? So did you have the whole week "off?" That's too funny about Demi. :D I still can't believe she's grown that much! She won't be my little Booger Bum when I get home! HAHA I want to see her wacky collar! :D

Maddi--since you don't have to put any money towards a ticket, you might want to think about getting me a t-shirt. (wink-wink!) And I still can't believe your day on Thursday. Crazy! You should become a certified First Responder! HAHA

Well, my week has been good. Saturday we got stuck in the worst rain storm I've ever seen. Mind you we were outside. When we finally got to the car, we all looked like kwe had jumped in a shower with all our clothes on! HAHA It was actually quite funny. I still hate the rain though.

Okay, so we just went to our P-day activity. Us four sisters went to the mall and was completely blown away. Tiffany's Louis Vuitton, J. Jill, and other absolutely ridiculous stuff and stores. Oh, and Sak's Fifth Avenue. It was like three stories, Sak's was. It was unreal! Then, with the whole zone, we went to a place called Gumbo Limbo. It's this free nature center put on by FAU. They do sea turtle research there and you get to go see all these fun huge spiders and turtles. I took pictures--no worries! But the craziest part is they have a 40 ft. open tower that I went up! Yep, me! And you guessed it, I was terrified! The Elders thought it was funny and made it sway. I was so scared! We got a cute picture of all of us. It's not the whole zone though. I think two companionships are missing from the other district. We had a really good time though. I got Zack and Mal's birthday gifts from there. If you look on my bank account, it's a big price, but I got Sister Lowe a book and she'll pay me back. We are going back next week though and I want to get a couple more things for you guys. They make awesome jewelry and you'll love it! Oh, and speaking of which reminds me. I'll have to use my America First account a couple of times this week because I'm running low on my monthly funds. I was dumb last week and bought my shampoo and conditioner with it. Yeah, I know, it was dumb. Here are some pictures for this week. Oh, PS Mom: I loved the letter from the missionary mom luncheon! I actually saw Sister Olsen the day I got the letter in the mail. Elder Hatfield is one of my zone leaders. We've got an amazing group of elders. Oh, and I think I'm staying here for another transfer. All of us are except our beloved Sister Magnusson. She's an ASL missionary and we have 6 or 8 ALSs coming within the next two transfers, so she'll be training them. Two of them actually! Crazy. I'll for sure miss her!

Okay, so I got something in the mail the other day and guess what it was? Letters from the Primary! Oh it totally made my day! They are so adorable! Kobe drew me a picture of my family, including the three puppies and said he misses me soooo much! Cute! Carsen drew the state of Florida. HAHA made me miss Primary! I want to be put back in as soon as I get home!!

Well, I think that's all for now...I can't think of anything else. I love you all and miss your guts. I'll write on the back of each photo! I'll email you on Tuesday again because it's transfer week.

Talk to you soon! I love you!!
Sister Sammi Sue Denson :D

P.S. Mom--Sister Dalling just called and said they got my package. I should get it by Wednesday.
P.S.S. I can't send you another tape until I get one from you guys! It's only fair! :D

(Sorry the quality of the pictures are so POOR! Our scanner doesn't like glossy pictures!)
Look what the humidity has done to my poker straight hair! CURLS!!

Sister Lowe really enjoyed being able to do it.

The day Sister Fiala departed (she was there to observe them and help out in any way she could).

Sammi, Sister Magnussen, Sister Fiala, Sister Lowe, Sister Pirotta

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