Monday, April 26, 2010

April 26, 2010--It's Raining! IT'S POURING!!!!!

Hey everyone!
How is everything going??

I'm so excited that you go to see Sister Moore!!! I called her on Monday to say goodbye and got all her info so I could get it to you. Didn't you take any pictures though?? I love Sister Moore. She is one of my most favorite sisters.

I talked to Elder Hirschi this week. His homecoming is on June 13. I told him that is Maddi's birthday, but I really want you to go to it. He didn't tell me an address or anything. He said Neal Crookston would be there. So, if you have any questions you can call him. I'll try and get the info from Elder Hirschi. I'll text him sometime. I said a couple of weeks ago that I owe him a ton because he was the one that helped pull me out of my shell. I met him my first day here and he saw how shy I was. He made it a personal goal that if we were put in the same zone that he would "break" me. Sure enough Heavenly Father knew what to do. My second transfer he was put as my zone leader. Since I had such a desire to come out of my shell, but didn't know how to do it by myself he put us in the same zone. It was Elder Hirschi's personal goal. He called it "Operation: Break Denson." Haha sure enough. It worked! He would always just talk to me. Ask me what I was having a hard time with, give me advice, tell me how he overcame obstacles, etc. He's so goofy that I felt like I just had a friend. He's awesome. You guys will love him to death. He REALLY helped me at the first of my mission. He was my zone leader for transfer 3, 4, 5. I'm going to miss him. The mission will be boring without him.

This week was so amazing! We participated in a region wide day of service. I told you that I have been dying for yard work. Yeah, I got an entire day of it. We went down to Naranja, FL (South) and helped pick up trash in the parks, paint homes in the projects, do some landscaping and more painting. It was so fun! Just being out in the sun with other members of the church and a lot of other people from other churches, and businesses all with the same purpose in mind. It was great! I got to know Elder Wilcox--his mom is on missionary moms. He is so cool. It was fun to get to know him. I also got to get to know Elder Langford better too. He's one of my favortite elders too. He is so kind and humble. He's adorable. Tell his mom he's doing GREAT!!! Everyone that I know that has served around him has so much respect for him and just loves him.

My package was so awesome! I loved it. I loved all the pictures the most. Thank you so much for doing that! Although it was a little sad to realize that I am already half way done. It makes me sick. I still feel like I just got here. In our apartment I am the one that has been out on her mission the longest. It makes me so sick! I still feel like I don't know anything and that I haven't helped many people learning about the gospel. I loved that package though. Thanks so much. :) The only picture that I wanted that wasn't in there was one with the Chandler's. I haven't seen a picutre of them yet. Jess sent me some back in like September, but that's it. I've written Bishop once, maybe twice, but I really want to hear from him. Sister's get letters from their bishops and stake presidents all the time. I'm a little sad that I haven't heard form mine once.

Tell Chase I said Congratulations! It's exciting! Are they getting married in the temple?
All the picutures were so cute this week! I love the one of Rivers. She's smiling. How adorable. Where did they get the name from? Its a little funky. I like it.

Can you order some Mary Kay Night Solution from RaeLin? She gave me some testers and I've been using it and I love it. I have the day solution already.

Thats so cool about the Sheepie. Weird that they didn't know anything about Butt Rubs...

The only thing that I want in my package is pictures of you guys and the dogs. I cant print them out here. They only have black and white printers.

We are going to the RS president's house for Mothers Day. The Tracy's. Our church gets out at 12, but we probably won't go there until later. We'll try and coordinate it with them this week so I can get you more info next week.

Check the church new site. They should have an article about the day of service. We're the only area in the whole church that does it. I tried to add pictures, but Sister L has too many pictures on her chip. It was taking too long. I didn't get any my camera.

Thank you so much for everything! I love you!!!!
Love, Sister Denson

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