Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1, 2010--Hey Guys!!

How are all of you? Me? Of course I'm doing great!!!

This has been another great week! I love serving in Miami! And to make it better, I got my bike this week! It's so cute! Mom and Dad you did a GREAT job on picking it out! Green and Purple with flowers! And I love the design of it. I was really hoping I wouldn't get one like the Spanish sisters. Theirs are just like mountain bikes and boring. I like how stylish mine is:):)

I have actually really loved riding on it too. Wednesday, when I got it, Sister Schulthies rode to the church, which is just a little over 2 miles away, planned with the elders, and then rode back. Yes, of course, I was very sore the next day. Just my thigh bones. Weird. I just took some Advil and was fine. Then, on Saturday we biked 8 miles. It was humid and gross, but it was so fun! I am excited for when she gets one, or when my new companion gets one.

Of course, Sister Vance got pictures of us on them for the first time. They are all super goofy looking because I couldn't stop laughing at Sister Schulthies on hers. Haha I was laughing all the way to the church too. If/When she gets her own temp bike we'll get better pictures.

Wednesday Sister Vance was having a hard day. Just the usual new missionary days, so we talked to Sister Felton and asked her something that Sister Vance loves to do that we could do with her. She said she loves to swing on swings at the park. We came up with a great plan between the tree of us. When they were just about done planning Sister Felton sent us a text that said, "Go!" We barge into their room--Sister Schulthies with eye-liner painted all over her face. She had a unibrow, mustache, etc. It was hilarious. We covered her eyes with a blind fold, rushed her to the car, kept her eyes covered, and then went to a park that is a half a mile away from our complex. We took her out and walked her across the park and then was like, "3.....2.....1....." and then took the blind fold off. She was so excited!! We were all in jammies and just had a very fun and relaxing half hour. Yes, we disobeyed and went out of our apartment after 9:00pm. It was so fun though! She needed it and it helped a lot. I'm attaching a picture of Sister Schulthies of course, make sure her family gets it:) Then, we went home and ate chocolate, chocolate, chocolate ice cream! It was a really fun night! Then, we went on all day exchanges on Thursday. Me and Sister Vance in my area, and Sisters Schulthies and Felton in the Kendall area. It was really fun! I was a little nervous, because I had to show someone else the ropes of what it's like in the English program. It confirmed to me though that I am NOT ready to train yet! Whew! Hopefully I won't be for a long time!
I'm so glad you all had a great time at Sister Olson's homecoming. It's so weird to think that she is gone! It'll be super weird on Thursday when we go to Zone Conference and she isn't there. Its CRAZY weird getting Sister Schulthies to leave. She only has 5 weeks left! They pass by way too quickly too. I have loved serving with her. It's a lot like serving with Jessika. Everyday I find something new and am like, "Jessika loves that too!" Example, she is an English major and likes a LOT of the same books Jess does, and the same music, style of clothes, and movies too. The other day she told me Big Fish was her most favorite movie on earth. Yeah, that's Jessika's. And her next favorite was Penelope. Yeah, Jessika's too. Its so weird! She probably feels like she knows Jess and hasn't even met her. We get along great though, of course!! I told her yesterday that it was like serving with my best friend! Crazy! Ah man, I miss Jess. I'm sending her birthday package out today. I'm sending it to her apartment in Logan, so she should probably get it Friday. I sure hope so!
I have no idea what you should get her. She loves notebooks, because she loves to write. Take a picture of the magnet board she made you, Mom. I want to see it!
Okay, I'll be going to a lot of stores today so don't be mad that I'm going to spend some money. I'm sending my sweaters home, it's not cold at all anymore:) I'm sending that black and white trench coat home too, Maddi--Please don't wear it:) I have to buy some shampoo and then go get a prescription.

I had a question about the necklace you sent me for the 25 days of Christmas. First off, I love it and wear it almost everyday. Yeah, and I hate necklaces, but I love this one and the one that Kenzi sent me. The silver one though is becoming tarnished on the back where it sits on my neck. Is there a special tarnish that you can get from Cami that will help it, or can I go to the store and just buy some?
Victor is doing great! He actually came to church/stake conference yesterday. It was awesome!

Also, Krystal Weidner accepted a baptismal date for the 27th of March. Actually, she set her own date. She is the pregnant one, and is due March 8th, but because of her recent increase in blood pressure, they are going to get the baby out before Valentine's day. The blanket with missionaries on it is fine. Her husband is a member and they already talk about him going on a mission. We were with them last night and we talked about it a lot, so I'm pretty sure she'd love it.

As for the little Haiti baby's blanket. I will see President and Sister Hale on Thursday. If you want to get it to me by then, awesome, if you can't, just send it to the mission office to Sister Hale. She will be thrilled!
Thank you so much for everything! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
Love, Sister Denson

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