Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February 16, 2010--A seriously GREAT week!

It sounds like a fun week for you guys, well the ones that I've heard from;) Mal, I'm so proud of you for getting up that early to go swimming! Awesome job!! Where did you go? Did you go with anyone?

That's too bad that the power was out all night! Was it cold?? Someone told us the other day that the New York and Washington DC areas are getting so much snow that they are calling it "Snow-maggedon." I don't know how to spell it, but it's ridiculous! Its a beautiful sunny average of 70 degrees here with only slight humidity and breeze. All of you would LOVE it!!

Okay, so last week was a great week! Wednesday every single one of our appointments were successful! Not a single one that day fell through! It was AWESOME!! We got to meet with an investigator that her husband is a member. She is a Resident and Miami Children's Hospital and he is one of the Attendings there, too. They both want to be pediatricians. Cool. Their little girl, that they blessed on Sunday, is SO cute!! She is so happy all the time. I'll definitely get a picture of her before I get transferred out of here.

Another one of our investigators had her baby Saturday, but we haven't been able to see her. She didn't want us to come to the hospital, because she wasn't showered yet. Haha she's adorable. I'll for sure get pictures when we see them tomorrow though.

Sister Johnson is doing amazing! She comes to church regularly and pays tithing and everything. The only thing she is still struggling with is smoking. She's working on it though. Her visiting teachers are going to go see her tonight. In person for the first time! What a miracle!!!
Sister Schulthies spoke on Sunday. For the first time in her entire mission! That's ridiculous! But guess who she got to speak with! Elder Burns from the Quorum of the Seventy!!! He lives in our ward. Oh man he's amazing. What a classy guy! I think he looks like Camille Krum though. They've got the exact same eyes and mouth. He grew up in Mesquite, NV though... And his cousin married Elder Holland! So Mal, you know his cousin! What a small world! Him, Elder Holland and one other Quorum of the Seventy all roomed together during college. Talk about one powerful dorm room!! Haha!

He announced that the Temple permits for the land are coming along good! Everything that we've been praying for is coming to pass. It's going to be located in West Broward County. They've said the land is absolutely perfect. I'm SO excited! I'll probably still be here for the ground breaking!!! He said when the Temple is finished FL will blossom like a rose. So many more will be joining the church.

There is a guy in my ward that was going into the career field that I am going into! Criminal Profiling! I was like WHAT?? He's suggested a lot of good books for me. I'll definitely be talking to him after the mission. I said was because he has changed his career to International Law. Why? Because Mark Hacking is his COUSIN!!!!!! How crazy is that!! He said it just hit too close to home. It destroyed his family. It's so sad. He's so awesome though. I LOVE his family. They are so awesome!!

I can't believe Randy--I mean Elder Denson gets home in less than a week! It's so crazy to think about. I got a letter from him this week and he said that both him and his companion are really sick, so they can't go out right now. Sad! He is not happy about ending his mission that way! Give him a huge hug for me when you see him at his homecoming in 2 weeks! When is Paul and Erin due with their boys?

Mom and Dad, of course, you could always come to West Palm Beach. You'd definitely have to tell President about it. But of course we wouldn't be able to see each other. I'm about 3 hours south of there. And was is this Dad taking a new job?? Tell me more!! So many people ask me what you do and I think I explain it right, and they're all like Cool! Oh, and Elder Hirschi's dad works on Base too and he does something with the computer in planes. His name is Robert Hirschi. Let me know if you know him. That would be so cool! Maybe track him down if you want. If Elder Hirschi is anything like his dad you would absolutely love his dad!

Yesterday we went to a huge cultural event that is down here every year. It's called the Coconut Grove Art Festival. Google it. It's awesome. Yes, if you see on my account balance I bought something. It probably hasn't go through yet. I tried to find mom something for her birthday, but it was all way too funky and hip and not to mention expensive. I've only got one picture to add. It's me under a street sign. Margaret St! We got the picture so I could send it to Grandma Bunn. I'm going to print it off this week or next and mail it to her. I thought she'd like that:)

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I love you all so much!
LOVE, Sister Denson

Ps I never got a text that said Happy Valentine's Day/Happy Birthday Charlie. I'll be bringing that up to Brother Wilton when I see him this Thursday;) That twit. haha
Pps I got Presidents picture. I'll give that to him also on Thursday. Thank you so much for that!!! He's going to LOVE it!!!!

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  1. I'll let my mom know Elder Burns looks like her! HAHA! Laughed so hard when I read that