Monday, February 8, 2010

February 8, 2010--Sounds like an eventful week!

Hi! How are you?

I've been really good this week! It started out with a fun package on Monday! It was so awesome to get my backpack!! All the sisters are jealous. ;) Our apartment looks so awesome with all the decorations up. Thank you so much for those! Sister Vance and Sister Felton's birthdays are in February, so they really love this month. And mine and Sister Schulthies are both in March. Speaking of which. Could you talk to her mom and see if she wants to send her anything? If she does have her send it to me because we are going to have a surprise birthday party for her on her birthday. It's one week before she goes home, so it will be super fun. Like a birthday/goodbye party! We can plan it within the next few weeks. It's going to be so fun! I talked to the sisters about it while she was in the shower this morning. She has no idea!! :):):) I love being sneaky! Let me know if you have any simple ideas that wont cost ANY of us money. Including you and her mom!!!!

Okay, to answer some of you questions from your email:
1. I LOVE my backpack! It's so perfect! The only thing that I would change is the front pockets to be more on the side so I can just pull a pass along card out of that, but I didn't specify and it's totally fine. It's not hard at all to get them a card. It's actually nice. When we stop people it give me a chance to talk to them a little longer and tell them more about the Book of Mormon before they go walking off. So all in all, it's perfect. ;)
2. I'm so sad that Char-Char is sick!!!!!!! My favorite part of the package the other day was the pictures of the doggies!! THEY ARE SO DANG CUTE!!!!! No worries. I show them to everyone! All the Elders think I'm a dork, but I know they love to see them too. :)
3. I'll send some bike pictures today. I just ran out of time last week. The computers are timed. They are really dorky though. I was laughing the entire time because Sister Schulthies was acting like such a dork! We went 8 miles last Saturday and then 12 on Wednesday. It's so awesome! I love it! Me and my next companion will be on them all the time because we'll each have our one AND a bike rack on the car, so we can actually go around in our area.
4. The picture of Sister Schulthies and her eye-liner. She was trying to be pirate. You know, cause they take others hostage.... What you don't see in that picture is her machete (sp) strapped to her pants. Hahaha it was hilarious!
10. That is SO dang cool about Brad Wilcox!!!!! He was so amazing and so dang funny! Definitely make sure and talk to him. Tell him I'm the one that has long blonde hair and was wearing a bright green jacket amongst all the elders in their dark suits. If the Lakes sent you the picture they took of me and them at the Christmas Conference show that to him.

I hope I covered all the things in your email. Sorry I didn't last week. I just have one question. When you owned your own business with sewing did you have one called Kids Can Sew? Cause Sister Schulthies' mom did when she was young and I swear you did too. Crazy! Our families are so alike! It's so bizarre!!

Did I tell you Elder Hirschi is in the Spanish program now??? You HAVE to go to his homecoming in June. He leaves here June 3rd. And you have to go to Sister Moore's in April. I'm not sure of the date, but I'll get it to you soon.

You really don't need to send a package for us Sisters! You are spending way too much money on packages!!!!!! I know you say it's your pleasure, but still!!

Thank you so much for everything, Mom:) I love you so so much!!!!!!!
I love you!
Love, Sam--Just this once:)

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