Monday, December 28, 2009

December 28, 2009--Out of the Hospital!!

Haha I'm going to attach a ton of pictures of Christmas day in the hospital! The sisters were very good at getting pictures of all my visitors--even if I was asleep when they got there!!! Haha I'll document them all for you:
1. Me and the Elders in our ward/Zone Leaders in the ER.
2. Me and Sister Vance. I put the shirt up because again, no bra. Hahaha I totally would have put it back on, but they had me hooked up to a heart monitor, so it made it difficult. You don't need to post that on my blog by the way....
3. Me and Sister Schulthies--she lives in Bountiful by the way and she goes home in March. Go to her homecoming. Her mom is on Facebook.
4. MY VERY OWN Apostles photo!!!! Mal, I told President about it. He didn't come to the hospital, so when we do PPI's I'll show him. He's super excited to see it.
5. Sister Vance brushing my hair. She is so Christ-like!! She just LOVES to serve, and of course I love my hair being played with. I'm pretty sure I fell asleep during that.
6. Me sleeping, and probably drooling--given the fact that I can't swallow!!--and Elder Goodale and Elder Parry. They are so funny and smart! We were supposed to have lunch with them at a members home. They aren't in our ward, but they know her.
7. WATER!!!!! Oh my gosh I drank like 3/4 of that in like 10 min. I LOVED it!!!!
8. My FIRST Supper. YUM!! I had carrots, rice, string bean soup, mandarin oranges, golden loaf cake (whatever that was DELICIOUS though!) and SALMON!!! Yes, I was THAT hungry that I ate some of that salmon. Not a lot, but yes, I willingly ate it!!!

I checked out of the hospital at 7:00 ish. They didn't want me to leave, but President and the southern mission doctor did. I was in outpatient surgery so they were charging us by the hour and I had already racked up a bill of $10,000!!! Yeah, ridiculous!
Ugh!! My batteries just died in my camera, so I can't upload any pictures from the baptism!!! I'll for sure get them next week. We had a great time! She was just glowing!! I can't believe I was part of changing someones life!!!!! She is an absolute doll and is already ready to come on exchanges with us! Cool huh!!! I love her to death!

I'm so sorry I can't get you picutes, but I will next week.

Tell Grandma I want Peanut brittle and no shortbread.

Tell RaeLin that yes I got all the stuff she sent me a couple of weeks ago. Some of the sisters wanted to order Mary Kay stuff, so she sent me some catalogs and business cards. I need a new chapstick from her. I LOST mine! I've been dying for two weeks! I was going to ask you last week for one and then at christmas, and then I forgot. What a blessing that you brought it up!!
Thank you so much for all the gifts! Kenzi I'm wearing your shirt and necklace today! It's adorable! I'll try the new garments out and let you know. Oh, blast I got a picture of me in my jammies, but stupid batteries. Remind me next week!
Have a wonderful week! Sorry this is short and lame. It took forever to upload all the pictures! I LOVE YOU ALL! Thank you so much for all the pictures that you sent!! I LOVE the ones of the dogs. Demi is pretty! I loved the florida attire! I'll try and find stuff that specifically says Ft. Lauderdale for next year!

LOVE, Sister Denson

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