Monday, December 21, 2009

December 21, 2009--MIAMI!!!!!

Hey guys!!
How have you all been??? Obviously I'm doing GREAT!!! :):) As probably all of you know I've been transferred to Miami! It's been one crazy week! The Elders were in the area, but they took Elders out of Miami 4th North and Kendall, and put all Sisters in! Its been so hectic trying to white-wash this area. We have to just make phone call after phone call to meet new members and try to get meet our investigators. Of course, the elders that were before us just did a great job at filling out the teaching records and the whiteboards and everything! Hahah NOT!! We know nothing about anyone! We are lucky though that one of the elders that was in the Miami 4th North was just moved to Miami 4th South, so we have him to answer many of our questions. They hardly told anyone that they were taking both elders out and putting sisters in. It's been so long since Sisters have been in these areas (this is the first time since President and Sister Hale have been here) that the ward doesn't even know how to react to sisters. We still have a set of Elders with us, so that's a benefit. As far as I know there were no problems, we just needed more sisters areas because there are so many of us, and President wanted Sisters in every zone. I think he's only got one zone left that is all Elders. It's been fun though. It's such an adventure for both of us! As you heard, yes I am living with 3 spanish speaking missionaries. President pulled me and Herman Shulthies aside on Wednesday and said, "Sister Denson, learn Spanish. It will be a great advantage to you in the future." Hermana Schulthies is doing a great job at teaching me basic stuff, but it's going to be one long hard process. I'm excited though! It' is SO helpful to be here and know at least a little spanish. We are not in a spanish ward, though. The sisters that we live with, who are serving in the Kendall area are in a spanish ward, but ours is English. I told the sisters to all help me out and teach me new stuff each day. I've asked them to do mighty prayer in spanish so I can start catching on. So, we'll see!

Speaking of Mighty prayer, it is now at 9:30 in the morning and at night. So, if you are participating in it please take note of the time changes.

Friday was crazy with the rain! We made it to a members home and she said a couple hours before we got there, which was 4:00 pm, we had already received 14 inches in that day!!!! How insane is that??? I've never heard of such a thing! We got text after text from President warning us about it and reminding us to not go splashing through puddles and to be wise in tracting and bike riding. It sure was cold though! I don't have a rain coat though. I only have my cardigans. I would love the one we bought from NYand Company, but it doesn't have a hood. If you could find one WITH a hood, that would be FABULOUS!!
Christmas Conference was one of the most amazing days ever! We were able to just sit and visit with one another and also have the most amazing talk from Brother Wilcox. He's so animated in his talk and just kept everyone on the edge of their seat, but not once, the spirit left the room. He talked about who we really are and how we have the birthright of our Heavenly Father and what that truly means. It was so amazing! It was just what I needed. We had a wonderful lunch, then a slideshow of the year, and then President gave out some stuff. It was such a fun day. After that, we got to go to our new ward party. It was the smallest thing I've ever seen, but we all had so much fun! Santa came and read stories to the little kids. It was fun.
I sent my bags home because I don't need them and I don't have room for them. I gave my scriptures to the Lakes on Saturday. I gave them our address, so they can mail them. They are leaving for Utah today to spend Christmas there. I have a feeling that they just might hand deliver them:):) Don't be sad if they don't though! I love my scripture stickers, and I would love more, but they are way expensive and I don't have time to put them on. They honestly would just sit on my desk forever. But I think I saved the little paper folders that they each came in. I think they might be on my window seat, but I'm not positive. If they are, could you send those. I would at least be able to mark those in my new set. Oh, speaking of which, President and Sister Lake bought those scriptures just for me!!! They said a lot of thought went into buying them and she wanted to write in them for me, but just didn't get time. I LOVE them so much!!!! They told me they want me to marry their son! Haha I've never even met him. He's out in Utah right now. They'll just be the first people I visit when I go back. I seriously love them.
The pictures that I am adding are of us driving into downtown Miami, which is in our area :):) We also have Key Biscane too:) We're going to go adventure driving one day to see our area. We have members who live out there, so why not?? It's a beautiful city and I love being here, except I could just do without the traffic. Holy Moly there is alot of traffic! It takes an hour to get to one of our investigators homes! And the traffic is all throughout the day! It never stops!
Well, I've got to go! I wish I had more information on what time I'll be calling on Christmas day, but I don't! Sorry!!!!! I'm excited to talk to you though! Have a wonderful week!!!
Give all the dogs BIG HUGE buttrubs for me! I miss them a lot!
LOVE, Sister Denson

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