Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December 15, 2009--Bye-bye Boca!!

As you see from the subject line I am leaving Boca Raton. It's definitely bittersweet. I absolutely LOVE it here and LOVE the people in the ward. You all know how much I get emotionally attached to people, so that is why it is bitter. The sweet part is that I got to talk to President on Friday morning. Sister Eland has been really sick and really homesick. She just doesn't feel good and just wants a hug from her mom and her brother is getting married on the 29th and it's the first marriage in the family and she just misses a lot of the traditions at home. Anyway, so of course, me being so not a nurturer just called President to ask him what to do. He gave me advice on her and thanked me for the "heads-up" and then proceeded to tell ME a "heads up" about where I'll be spending Christmas. He, of course, didn't come right out and tell me--he never tells anyone where they are going--but he told me that it is "going to be a fun and exciting change, and that all of you sisters are going to guess where you are going and every single one of you are going to be WRONG!" I was like WHAT?? First, I was sad because I wanted to spend Christmas with people I know, but now I'm SO excited to see my new area and my new companion!!! I was worried about getting depressed on Sunday because that is the last day I would see a lot of the members, but it feels so natural for me to leave because I know that the Lord has something else in store for me. It sounds like I'll be white-washing an elder's area, but who knows! I'll let you know next week.

Mom, just send my Christmas package to the mission office. Don't call for the new address cause I want to be the one to tell you where I am!! It's going to be so fun! I'm so excited! It'll be such a suspense for all of you until Monday!! hehehehe :):) Oh, speaking of the 25 days of Christmas. I LOVE THE STOCKING!!!!!!!!!! That is the cutest thing ever!!! I took it to the church Tuesday night (we have a meeting every Tuesday at the church, and there are always other stuff going on on Tuesdays, too) so I could show the ladies in the ward. I showed the Bishop's wife, cause she loves to sew quilts (we've bonded:) and when I get home she is going to visit her brother in Bountiful and then come to Layton so I can teach her how to use a quilting machine! She LOVED it!! I showed Sister Lake, she LOVED it and then I showed Sister Gwynn last night! She actually wants one for each member in her family. She wants pink and white for the girls, and black and blue for the boys. She said she doesn't need them this year, but would pay you anything for them. She LOVED them!!! There is her, Keydi, her husband Tony, and their kids, Sarah (8), Samuel (6, we're friends) and Sophia (2 in Feb) Facebook email her for more details :):)

So we had the Ward Christmas Party on Saturday and it was so fun! There were like 14 non-members, and 12 less actives!! How cool is that! We were able to talk to a lot of them and it was really good. Oliver came and stayed until about 10:00!! He told us on Sunday that he is going to be baptized sooner than he thought because he isn't so sure his girlfriend is the one for him! How cool is that!!! Oh my gosh! What an answer to prayers!!!! I was like dying cause I couldn't jump for joy at the church!! Rosie didn't get baptized because she didn't realized how much she had to learn and didn't realized that she had to quit smoking completely. Keep praying for her. She's going through a lot of struggles right now because her mom is giving her a hard time about a lot of things.

While Sister Eland was sick this week I was just reading and studying a ton. I read the whole priesthood session and I'm totally going to have a ton of boys so that they can all be amazing priesthood holders!!! I'll have to have some daughters too because I need some amazing wives for the other amazing priesthood holders out there too! Hahahaha, yeah, me, Sister Denson wants a lot of kids now. You better right this down of paper!!!

So, I do need one last thing for Christmas. I was at the church on Sunday and was getting picture with President and Sister Lake. President wasn't at church because he had to do an interview down south somewhere and wouldn't be able to make it to the meetings, but would try his hardest to come back to Boca to get a picture with me and Sister Moore because we are leaving. He's the best. So anyway, my bag was SUPER heavy on Sunday because I put both my scriptures in their case in my bag. It says in the white handbook to always have your scriptures in their cases to protect them. I usually just carry around my triple combination because that Bible is so darn heavy!! Anyway, so of course, President makes a big fuss over it and just teases me like crazy--remember the bag story from last week?--anyway. So they invite us over for dessert that night. They still had some Red Velvet Cake left over from last week (my new favorite dessert) and wanted us over. So we go over there and have dessert and share a message with them and then President says, "Sister Denson, how are those scriptures of yours?" I was like, "Fine." He was like "It's really bad for your shoulder and back to be carrying around those big of scriptures." I was like, "President, I'll be fine, I'm just trying to be exactly obedient." So he walks out of the room and comes in with a brand new, still in the wrapper, standard size quad and hands them to me!! I was like "No way!" They both insisted because I should have a bought a new set of scriptures for my mission because they are the ones that every one cherishes the most and that I'm still new enough in my mission to mark up a new set. They also insisted that they are pretty cheap too. I didn't say it but of course I thought it--they're not cheap!! They are like $55 because they are all indexed too!! They are the sweetest people and I love them with all my heart!!! So, the last thing I need for Christmas is a new standard size scripture case. I don't care what it looks like, as long as it is not ugly. They are black, so something that matches black. I am going to give my big ones to Sister Lake on Saturday and she is going to ship them to you. I thought a lot about keeping my big ones, but finally decided to send them home. The hardest part for me was that all my Preach My Gospel scripture stickers are in my big ones and I LOVE those!!! I'm sorry, but I'll definitely use them in the future.
I plan on sending out your Christmas box today. I think I told you last week, but I don't remember...I am not buying big gifts at all. I'm just buying little tiny things. I'll buy you all AWESOME Florida ORIGINALS next year when I come home. They'll be souvenirs/Christmas gifts in one. Thanks for understanding!!!

I LOVE YOU guys so much!!!! Thank you so much for everything that you do!!

I will try and get a card to Bishop this week, but I have a lot of thank yous to write to ward members today as well as pack and everything else. I'll do my best, but no guarantees. I've sent cards to the Primary, no worries. And yes, I got something from the RS a couple of weeks ago, oh and from Richard and Heather Ford's family! I want to write them Thank Yous too, but it is not going to happen this week.

I LOVE YOU!!! Enjoy the snow for me!! It's been pretty darn warm this past week. I believe the highest we got was 89! The humidity isn't bad at all. The only time I feel it is when it rains. It's rained more than usual this week, not being rainy season and all, so Sister Eland and I have been inside a lot because we don't want to make her sickness worse.
I love you all!!!!
Have a wonderful week!!!!
LOVE, Sister Denson
PS the huge summer sausage was a BIG HIT this morning! We are excited to buy cheese and crackers at the store today:) They are all going to miss the gifts you send. Oh, and the Insta-Snow is AWESOME!!! Where did you find that stuff????

PPS the picture is with President and Sister Lake. I made him hold my bag :):):) and the other is with my new friends Andressa and Renata. I LOVE THOSE GIRLS!!! and with the Briggs girls. The 8 year old twins LOVE me:):) I love them:):)

PPPS Sister Olson already knows about her homecoming and she knows your going to be there too. She is so excited to meet you!!!

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