Monday, December 7, 2009

December 7, 2009--Enjoy the snow for me!

Okay, so this is probably the weirdest Christmas ever. It's so weird to see Christmas lights with no snow and especially weird to have 80 degree weather!! So please, enjoy the snow for me. :):)

This week was pretty slow one, because Sister Eland got a cold, and had to take it easy, and then yesterday I got a migraine that just wouldn't go away. No worries, it's the first in a long time, and everyone keeps telling me its just the Barometric pressure. I'm totally fine today and feel no after effects.

I only have one funny story to tell and it's just because I'm a total smart-aleck. Hehehe:) So President and Sister Lake invited us over to their home because the former mission president two presidents ago was visiting. He was the Mission President when Sister Eland's brother served in this mission--yeah, they served in the same mission! Anyway, so President Lake ALWAYS teases me about my big bags. How they are always in the way and how they weigh so much and just all this other stuff. Well, knowing me, I'm not just going to let someone dish me crap without giving it back, so last night when they invite us over the last thing he mentions is for me to not forget my big bag. Haha I HAD to pull a joke on him! So, as I mentioned, smart-aleck that I am emptied everything out of my small suitcase and just put my bag in there and went to their house. I walk in and he just gives me this puzzled look. I pipe up and say, "That bag that my mom gave me just last week is already too small! The only thing that will hold all my stuff is my little suitcase!" Hahaha You probably had to be there, but it was hilarious! He just laughed and laughed. Oh man, I love the Lakes. He's so funny. He always jokes that he may not have a say where I am going, but he does have connections and can make suggestions. He teases me that he will send me down to Homestead or the Key (both of which have no Sisters in that zone).
Haha Anyway. Did you watch the Christmas devotional last night? It was awesome. I totally miss the Conference Center at Christmas time!!! It was beautiful!! and all the talks were wonderful, of course!

Rosie should be getting baptized this week, I'll send my email to President to you. I forgot to do that. We dropped Alex, but not Oliver. Oliver wasn't contacting us for like two weeks, and we told him to call us whenever he was ready to learn more. He came to church yesterday and we have an appointment with him tonight at 6:30 and we are going to give him a chapel tour and show him the baptismal font. Pray that everything goes well!

Just to let you know I'm going to be sending little gifts this year for Christmas because I figure I'm coming home close to Christmas next year and can get you all awesome "authentic Christmas gifts/souvenirs" for when I get home.
I know this is ridiculously short, but we just didn't have an eventful week at all!!!
I hope you all are doing well and are having a Very Merry Christmas!!!
The pictures are of our Christmas tree, when I put the star on, and then when it was all finished! It's so beautiful!! We love it! We got a gift from one of the ward members last night and it's really funny because we put the gift next to the tree and the gift is way bigger than the tree. Hehehehe I love that tree though! Thank you so much for it!!!

LOVE, Sister Denson

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