Sunday, December 13, 2009

December 12, 2009--Boca Raton Ward Christmas Party

Sammi found a dear friend in one of the sweet sisters from the Boca Raton Ward. Sister Keydi Vallencillo-Gwynn has been taking the Sister Missionaries out on appointments, out to lunch, helping them with their Spanish, and generally being a great friend to them. Sammi and Keydi have become dear friends. One of the best parts, for us, of this friendship has been Keydi found me on Facebook and shares them with us. She's been a GREAT blessing to us!!

These pictures are from the Boca Raton Christmas Party held Saturday night. They look like they had a GREAT time!!

Sister Eland, Keydi Gwynn, and Sammi

The Gwynn family

Sister Eland and Santa!

Looks like Santa loves the Sister Missionaries!!

The Boca Raton Sister Missionaries: Sister Moore, Sister Ellsworth, Sister Denson, and Sister Eland.

Sammi and Samuel Gwynn.

Sister Ellsworth and Sammi (not sure who the man is...)

Sister Eland helping serve food at the party. She's got the sweetest smile!!

Sister Ellsworth helping out.

Sammi and Sister Moore serving dinner.

Sammi and Sara Gwynn

Sammi and Sister Eland with their Beanie Babies. (Not sure of the story behind that...)

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