Monday, December 20, 2010

December 20, 2010--Plans for Christmas Day

Okay, so the plans for Christmas day are this: 1. Not going to the hospital. 2. Sleeping in my own bed. 3. Not getting a pill lodged in my throat. (See last Christmas' excitement here.) 4. Enjoying the beautiful holiday with my companion and the members down here in Miami. Lol Sound good? Oh, and 5. Calling home between noon and one. We can only talk for 40 minutes. And it's okay, I promise. We'll be seeing each other soon enough....

Yeah, It's been feezing down here. I had to buy boots because of my circulation problem. Remember that? IT's been killing me these past couple of weeks. We were doing a booth at one of the local campus' (handing out pass along cards and inviting). That morning though we were in the chapel having our district council and I about froze to death and though my feet were going to fall off. They hurt so bad. I felt like I was in Utah! Ugh! I'm in FLORIDA for crying out loud! So then we went and did this booth. I had thick black tights on, and two pairs of socks. By the end of the two hours I couldn't feel my feet. I'm really glad I bought them though!! I can't imagine what my feet would have felt like in just the little flats that I have. I wore it with my big grey skirt, a sweater and my wool coat. Lol one of the elders that we were with, their investigator, said us sisters looked eligant. Haha sure. We were just miserable and feezing! I'll for sure be able to wear the boots at home. I'm considering wearing them off the plane!! They're so cute though!! Thanks!

I'm sending off the Christmas package today. Its small, just to let you know. Not everyone is getting a gift... I figure I'll get better stuff in February when I have more time.

Question: When are we planning on coming back to visit? Like a million people asked me yesterday when I was going home. It bites, but I'm just glad I'm not freaking out about it and that I'm still focused and obedient. Gotta finish strong!!

If my package doesn't get here by Friday or Saturday DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT!! I'll be getting the most for Christmas and Sister Hendrix has some too, but we've already decided that we're going to open ours later in the day in our room together. We don't want to make the others more sad. So it's okay. Really, Dont sweat it. I'm just excited to talk to you all.

I love you all!!! Have a great week!! Talk to you Saturday!

Love, Sister Denson

President's email:
This week has been great. It doesn't show numberswise, but I am still having fun and still fulfilling my purpose. I have such a great companion. She is such a hard worker and she loves the YSA so much! And you're right--she is a GREAT teacher! I am excited to be here with her at this time in each of our missions. She is in a great spot and just has a desire to do her best. I feel like she is having the same experiences I've had on my mission and so it's fun to tell her how I've grown and how the Atonement has helped me.

We have had fun talking to our members all week on how they can rescue their friends and family members. The YSA are so great!! I love being here again with the people that I love SO much!

This holiday season is so great and such a special time to be with these young single adults and to feel of their fire and love for the gospel.

Thank you so much for everything!
Merry Christmas!
Love, Sister Denson

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