Monday, December 13, 2010

December 13, 2010--An Amazing Weekend!

This has been such an amazing weekend! The first part of the week was rough. I found out Monday afternoon that the Nova sisters area was closing. It made me SO sad! Also losing my favorite companion was really hard. There just wasn't enough work going on for two companionships to be there, and since President is short on sisters right now it was my area that was closed. Wednesday night made up for everything though. When President told me where I was going I just about lost it. I love this area with all my heart. It's been my dream to come back down here, but I honestly never thought it would happen. Heavenly Father is SO good to me! It was hard to leave the area, the sisters that I lived with and the elders that I served with, but I just love it down here. I'm home.

Yesterday and Saturday was amazing. We found out it who our guest speaker was when he walked in the door. It was fantastic. Sister Uchtdorf is hilarious and especially with her thick German accent and broken English. Lol when she would get excited she couldn't think of the words in English so President Uchtdorf would have to help her. It was adroable. It was so amazing to hear from a Prophet of God speak directly and specifically to the FL Ft Lauderdale missionaries. He's amazing. And yes, better looking in person. I'm so grateful for his counsel and for that opportunity. I will treasure it always.

We've got some great investigators right now. The week has been crazy, so I'm excited to finally get all settled in today so that we can dive into the work with this new companionship. I love Hermana Hendrix so much! She's great! She's going to be another life long friend.

I'm sorry this email is short. The experience with President Uchtdorf was something very spiritual and sacred and personal to me. I know that he is a man of God and that he is leading and guiding the Church with President Monson and President Eyring only though our Savior.

 Sister Cluff and Sister Denson

Sister Crane and Sister Denson

Not sure who the Elder is but he looks happy to be in this picture! :)

Sister Lealaogata and Sister Denson!!

Sister Hendrix and Sister companions!

 Elder Parry and Sister Denson

 Sister Denson, Sister Williams, Sister ??

President's Email:
Hey President-

This has been one crazy week! I've never had such a hard time saying goodbye to a companion as I did with Sister Katterfeld. I love her so much. She's so much more than just a companion to me. She's a life long friend. As you know it was really hard for me to leave Nova. I love the YSA up there, but when I found out I was going back to Snapper Creek all was well :) I absolutely love serving with President Perez and the members down here. The branch has changed so much since I left. I didn't recognized half the people at Sacrament Meeting yesterday, but I'm so excited to get to know them all. Being back in the Kendall chapel was a dream come true. I saw so many members from the 4th ward who have had a HUGE inflence on me. I love them SO much. I really just can't get the smile off my face to be back.

How have I seen the hand of the Lord in my life lately? Putting me back in Snapper Creek, and with one of the most amazing sisters that we have in the mission. I love her so much. We are already going to be great friends and we already work so well together. She's amazing. Something that is huge for me right now and will be for the remainder of my time is the desire to finish strong and obedient. I've only got one chance to be here and to serve Him like this, and so I don't want to have any regrets. I feel like I am "in the middle of my mission." It's great. I'm so grateful for that.

Christmas Conference was spectaular. I loved every minute of it. A very spiritual and sacred memory that I will cherish always.

I love you so much! I'm excited for Wednesday! See you then!

Love, Sister Denson

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