Sunday, August 8, 2010

Mom and Mallorie got to meet Sister Hale and the Lakes!!

This is a copy of Mom's blog post after meeting Sister Hale and President and Sister Lake at Heather's reception.

President and Sister Hale's oldest daughter, Heather, got married Friday, August 6. Unfortunately, as a Mission President, he was not able to attend but was able to go with her to the Orlando Temple. I can't imagine how hard that was for everyone...not having "Dad" there to share in the joy of the sealing and reception.

President told Sammi to make sure I knew to go to the reception so I could meet Sister Hale. I was SOOO excited!! I asked Mallorie to go with me which was really fun. None of the Missionary Moms had met her so I was really excited to show off my beautiful, sweet oldest daughter!

I rode down to Salt Lake with my great Missionary Mom friends, Becky Olson and Lanette Crane, and one of my favorite RM sisters...Karli Olson. We met two of my other BFFs, Jan Call and her RM, Meryl at 5 Guys Burgers and Fries. (Evidently this is the FAVORITE place for Florida Missionaries to eat...I have to ask Sammi.) Mal met us there after work.

Sister Meryl Call and Sister Karli Olson
Returned Ft. Lauderdale Missionaries
(Sammi loves these girls!! Me, too!!)

The reception was held at LeJardin (check it out here) in Sandy. Interesting reception center to say the least but I ended up really liking it after all. There we met up with another BFFMM,  Marianne Wardle and her husband Kevin. We all proceeded to head into the reception. I had heard that Sammi's FAVORITE people, President and Sister Lake, would be there...SHE LOVES THEM!!!! (See one of her funnier posts about President Lake here.) Anyway, they were right as we walked into the reception! The minute I told them I was "Sister Denson's Mom," they threw their arms around me and wouldn't let go! We talked for a long time about how much they love her and how wonderful she's doing. They absolutely could not say enough good about her! They just kept going on and on about much she's grown personally and spiritually and how much good she's doing. It was AMAZING!!!!!

After visiting with the Lakes, Mallorie and I proceeded to go through the line for Heather and Josh. What a CUTE couple!!

Wisely, they had separate reception lines for Josh's parents and Sister Hale. It was kinda funny because Sister Hale's line was almost as long as Heather and Josh's! She was so gracious and didn't rush through talking with people simply because of the length of her line. She visited with the people in front of us, said good-bye and turned and exclaimed, "I know who you are!! SISTER DENSON!!" She opened her arms and completely enveloped Mal and I in the biggest, warmest hug I've ever had. We'd step back, look at each other, and she'd pull us in again. She proceeded to cry with me over Sammi and how wonderful she is, how much they LOVE her, how much she's changed and grown, how proud we can be of her. It was one of the greatest moments I've ever had! She was WONDERFUL and it was such an incredible blessing to visit with her for a few minutes. I'm SOOOO grateful to her and President Hale for being such amazing "parents" to our Ft. Lauderdale missionaries and especially, our own Sister Denson!

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