Monday, August 9, 2010

August 9, 2010--August=Heat, Rain, and Humidity!!

Hey guys!!
How are you all?? Sounds like you've all had an eventful weekend in one way or another! That's really cool about the garage sale! Mom, I can't believe you sold that much stuff! Are you just going to turn around and buy all new stamp stuff now?? LOL I'm glad it all worked out for you guys and that you had a successful week of selling stuff.
This has just been another week in missionary life. Nothing too exciting.... We have an amazing new investigator, Elaine. She's a girlfriend of a Less Active member. She knows nothing about the "Mormons," which is SO rare!!! She's completely open minded. It's so exciting. Teaching her on Thursday was amazing. She's great. We hope to set her with a baptism date this Thursday. We also have another investigator that is praying about a baptism date too. We're excited for her. We've taught her all we can, so it is up to her still. I know she'll get baptized, it's just a matter of when..... Her name is Lala.
Yesterday in RS a high council man that I served with in the Boca Raton Ward, Brother Lustig, was at our meetings. He's my favorite and he's told me numerous times I'm his favorite. LOL So yesterday he put in a plug for us sisters about the sisters in the ward coming out on exchanges with us. Needless to say it was AWESOME!! Four ladies came up to us after and gave us their numbers so they could come out with us!! This week is going to be great! We're so excited!!!! LOL He told me after the meeting that what he should have said was, "If I could hand pick two daughters, it would definitely be Sister Denson and Sister Cluff. Oh, but Sister Denson I'd have to fight the Lakes for you...." LOL He kills me. At least he knows where he stands. What he actually said was, "I don't know what on earth you've done in this ward but you have the two most beautiful Sister missioaries in the mission." Hahaha! Whatever Brother Lustig.....
I only have one picture this week, but will have a lot next week because us and the Creole elders are having SWEET PORK BURRITOS today!!!!! How awesome is that!! Especially that you guys are having them this week too!!!! This is my first time cooking them all by myself, but so far so good!! I made the green sauce this morning and was ready to chug it! It's been over a year since I've had these!!! None of us can focus today because we're all so excited for them!!! lol I'll take lots of pictures so you can see them next week! 

The picture that I'm sending is one of a recent convert. She was baptized just before I got here. Her name is Berlande (Burr-land). She's 19, almost 20, has a little boy Jarome, 2, and has the most solid testimony I have ever heard! She's fantastic! She's a little irresponsible, but she's solid. We'll work on responsibility. She's way mature in some other areas though. She is the oldest kid in her family. Her family is going through foreclosure and since her parents only speak broken English she is the one that has to deal with all the phone calls and what not. It's ridiculous. No 19 year old should have to deal with that! I love her so much though!
Mom, go ahead and add Chelsea Papenfuss to facebook. I've gotten to know her and love her already. Sister Call loves her a ton. Oh, speaking of which! I got an email from her today! It made me so happy!!! Tell her I'll try and write her this week, but no guarantee. I'll for sure get her no later than next week though!!!! Promise!!!!
Thanks so much for everything!!! I love you guys so much!!!! I'm so happy that Mom and Mal got to meet some of the most influencial people in my life. They mean SO much to me. I love you guys!!!!!
Love, Sam
PS We've had so much rain this week. That mean that I usually get a migraine--the barametric pressure changing is hard on my head for some reason. But because of the rain the humitidity is super gross!!! Yesterday it rained for hours and it put a huge keenk in our day because we were supposed to be out finding and riding bikes. Lame. But yeah, it's hot, it rains a lot, and its HUMID!!! Welcome to August in South Florida. :):)

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