Sunday, August 15, 2010

Seeing Sister Gwynn!

When Sammi served in Boca Raton, she met a WONDERFUL sister who loved to serve the Sister Missionaries and go out with them on appointments. She fed them, drove them around; anything they needed, Sister Gwynn was there! They were both very sad when Sammi was transferred to Miami.

This past week, the Gwynns found out they will be moving back to Salt Lake City in the next couple of weeks. She wanted to make sure to see Sammi at least one more time before they leave so she went to Sammi's ward in Boynton Beach (about 10-15 miles from Boca Raton) and saw her! One of the best parts of Sister Gwynn was she sent me pictures via Facebook of Sammi "in action." Today was no exception!!

Sara, Keydi Gwynn, Sister Denson, Sophia
(Keydi said they both cried when they saw each other!)

Sister Denson and Sister Cluff

I'm not sure who the other two sisters are but I think they're ward members. I'll find out tomorrow in the email.

Keydi caught them in action...making appointments.

What a GREAT surprise and blessing today! 

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