Monday, July 26, 2010

July 26, 2010--No official email...AGAIN!!

Sammi and I chatted quite a bit today so she didn't write an official email to me and didn't send pictures. She forgot her camera and PROMISES she'll send some next week.

Here is her President's email:

President Hale-

I love serving here in Boynton. The ward is amazing and there are so many members on board with missionary work. It's so fun! I love my companion and I love serving with her. She is so fun and so spiritual. It's such a refreshing start.

We've come across the same problem all week as we teach the Restoration. People aren't understanding the Apostacy, and we aren't sure why. We feel like we are explaining it simple and by the spirit, but it's just not clicking with people. We're going to study it out and find out what we can improve on.

I don't know if Sister Cluff told you, but this week we are going to have a Miracle Week (She says it in German, but I don't how to say it.)! We're going to be on bikes all week. Every day! I'm so excited! I love the bike so much! I have such an inspired companion. I love her.
Thank you so much for everything!
Love, Sister Denson
PS Don't forget to tell Heather I said Hi!!!!

Here are excerpts from our "chat":

  •  I love my Happy Birthday pillowcase by the way! The letters were so so fun! I'll write a card to the whole family so you can read it to them next month at FHE. My favorite was all the pictures though. There is one of dad where he is just sitting with the dogs on the blanket. It's one of the first ones in the stack. He's got the cutest grin on his face. I hung it up above my study desk where all my other family pictures are. What do you want me to do with the banner?? It' HUGE by the way! We got the package right before we wen in for the night. Sister Cluff got up in the night and baked my cake! She's so adorable! It was so fun because she is so not a cook!!!! LOL
  • The cicadas are here!!! They are so annoying!!!!! (She experienced these for the first time in Nauvoo/Missouri when we went back there 4 years ago. Amazingly annoying!!!!!)
  • (Paraphrased...) She's DYING in the heat and humidity and riding her bike. She's showering twice a day on "bike days" which we were warned about. I can't imagine!
There were other things but not "blog-worthy." She better come through next week! :)

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