Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 13, 2010--I'm leaving my heart in Miami...

NOTE: I'm posting Sammi's "President's Email" first which prefaces her email to the family.

Last night's phone call was a little surprising. To say I was absolutely shocked would be a lie, but I was still surprised. I didn't expect to hear my name on the list being transfered. I know you said our time was short, but we definitely didn't expect that short! Throughout this whole week I would look in my closet and in my drawers and it just kept coming to me--"You're being transfered." Of course I justified it. I don't want to leave. I've only been here one transfer. I've fallen in love with the members of the Snapper Creek Branch and I have even decided myself to go to a singles ward when I get home. They are so fun and it is so wonderful learning from others your own age. We still struggle a little with getting the members on board, but as we visit them, talk to them at church, sit by them, we are getting to know them and gaining their trust. More are willing to come out with us, and they are doing a fabulous job at fellowshipping our investigators and new members.
I cried for a few minutes last night. I want to stay in the YSA, but at the same time I feel so confident in knowing I'll be going where Heavenly Father needs me. (Preferably the YSA, LOL) I'm so grateful for the things that I have learned and for the time that I have had in Miami. I love this place! It's going to be so weird not to be here!! I've been here 7 months.
I'm sad to go....you know that. I get emotionally attached to people. I can't say I didn't see it coming though. I'm eternally grateful I got to serve down here in the Miami 4th Ward and the Snapper Creek Young Single Adult Branch.
Thanks for everything!
We'll see you tomorrow!
Love, Sister Denson


Can you believe I'm being transfered! I've been here 5 transfers! President Hale told us we would be together through August, but that obviously isn't happening. Like I said in President's email I felt it coming. I just kept saying to myself, "I've got SO MUCH STUFF!!!!!" I have so many clothes too. Lol It's hard for me to have only 2 suitcases of stuff!!!
Anyway, I'll let you know where I go on Monday. Mom, don't check the blog. I want to tell you myself where I am going!!!
Here are the things I want to reply to about the letter you sent me this week, Mom:
1. I want to try one pair of mesh garments. Everyone tells me how fabulous they are.
2. I've told you all the MoTab cd's I have like 3 times. I'm sending my cases home today. There should be 4 of them. I have 9 cd's total. On of them being Consider the Lilies that a member gave me.
3. I'll take anything clotheswise! lol I had to give Hermana Briggs like 7 shirts this week that I don't wear. I have SO MANY clothes!
4. I haven't been sleeping lately, so I put some of that tension oil on one night. It was fabulous! I haven't been able to use the bug repellant yet. I got a gallon of distilled water last night, got it all mixed up, and then go the phone call that I am being transfered. Lol good thing the bottle was only $1.59!
5. You said you were going to send a talk from Bishop Chandler, but there was no talk in the box......
The Sisters Conference was awesome. I learned so much from the Senior Sisters. It was really hard to say goodbye to Sister Call. It won't officially set in until I go to my next Zone Conference. We've been at all the same zone conference's except my first one. It'll be weird. I really hope she emails me so I can write here and we can keep in touch. She's like my best friend out here! Give her a huge hug for me!
Bradley is doing fabulous. He came to church this week and he was in a full suit and everything. Everyone thought he was a member!!! Lol it was fabulous. He's got the part in the hair and everything! I'm really going to miss teaching him. He's got such thought provoking questions. They test our knowledge! It's fun because we're able to go home and study it out and then go back to him with the answers. We're also teaching another girl named Jessica Rodriguez. We extended a soft baptism date to her last Thursday. She is so adorable. I think I mentioned her like right after we got put in the branch....
Tell Elder Gubernick's mom that I got a picture of him! We rode the TriRail to sisters conference and then some elders picked us up and took us to the mission home. Elder Gubernick and his companion Elder Edwards took us back to the station. Elder G knew I was a missionary mom missionary, so to make his mom happy I got a snapshot of him. Lol don't expect this to be a frequent happening..... He's awesome though. I hope to serve around both those elders sometime soon!!
I saw how skinny Aaron was last week in the picture you sent me. He looks absolutely fabulous! I'm so excited to see him!
I hope you guys have fun at the campout this weekend! Except, come on, a movie projection.....That's not camping!!! How come Demi has to stay behind??
Don't believe what you see in CSI:Miami. It's a beautiful town only in some parts. LOL But I know they don't film it here......
 I love you guys! I hope you have a wonderful week! Wish me luck tomorrow! Better yet, just keep me in your prayers!!
Love, Sister Denson

Hermana Briggs and Hermana Vance on the TriRail

Hermana Lealaogata and Sister Denson on the TriRail

Hermana Call and Sister Denson
Hermana Call comes home on Wednesday, July 14!!

The "Missionary Mom" sisters at the Sisters' Luncheon...
Sister Crane, Sister Christensen, Sister Denson, Sister Call, Sister Felton

Elder Gubernick (his mom is a "Missionary Mom" too!)

The Florida Ft. Lauderdale Sister Missionaries!

The Luncheon was held at the Hale's home. AMAZING!

Another shot of the "Missionary Moms" sisters. Aren't they beautiful??

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