Monday, July 19, 2010

July 19, 2010--It's an ADVENTURE!!

Sammi is now serving in Boynton Beach with Sister Cluff from Erda, Utah. (Complete opposite end of the mission!)

Hey guys!!
Sounds like you all had fun at the camp out! It's like I went on a camp out too this week. LOL. Me and Sister Cluff live alone, which is really weird. I've always lived with 2-3 other sisters. It's so quiet in the apartment. It sure is a good thing I love her so much! LOL She is such a hard worker and someone who only desires to be obedient. I'm really excited for that because I haven't always lived with sisters like that, or had companions like that. 
It's cool to live with only one other person though. The apartment doesn't get dirty, you get your own bathroom, it's quiet all the time, you are able to really focus and get everything done. Plus, not only do I get my own bathroom, but I have like the biggest bathroom ever! I have the master bath. I'll have to take a pic and send it to you guys. LOL It rocks!
I love Sister Cluff! She reminds me so much of Sister Pirotta! That is such a compliment too! All she is missing is the curly hair! LOL. She actually reminds me a lot of Miss Julie from elementary school. Her looks at least....Weird that I remember that huh!
I don't even know what to tell you about this week. I been so crazy! We actually have set appointments, there is always someone for us to teach, people have common courtesy up here, members call US to come out with us..., and we are just always busy busy busy!! It has definitely made me so tired--especially when we sit down in someone's warm home. LOL I've almost fallen asleep during lessons up here! Once I adjust I'll be good to go though! LOL It's just a little embarrassing in the mean time.
Not this past Saturday, but the one before that, the 10th, we were at a service project with the YSA. I met a guy there from the Miami Beach YSA and he's from Kaysville. (His name is Nick Rose.) He's out here on internship with CitiBank. It was so good to talk to him. Making connections wtih people back home is so fun!! He knows Colby Flint, Jake Peterson, Derek Saunders and Chris Young (He used to be in our ward. He lives next door to the Woods). It was so fun! If any of you are on Facebook with Colby, tell him....
It's crazy up here. We got to teach this guy the other day, Kenley. He's a soccer player-which automatically makes him cool in my book. He's on scholarship up in New Jersey. He's just here for the summer, but we got to teach him about the Restoration. It was so cool! He totally understood the Apostacy and all about Chirst's life. That is so rare! It was so fun to teach him! I love being a missionary!! This work is so great! I think I'm going to never come home!!!! I'll just do this for the rest of my life. Full-time! It's so fun!!!
I hope you guys have an amazing week!!! You are all the best!! I love you so much!!!
Love, Sister Denson
ps I'll get you some pictures next week.

President's email:

I don't remember if I told you last week that I felt so calm and peaceful throughout the day Tuesday. The more I thought about being transfered, the more I was okay with it. Of course, I have the most amazing companion. She reminds me so much of Sister Pirotta, whom I love SO much! She is such a hard worker and so obedient, and I love it!! I'm excited to learn from her and work with her. She is so sweet and Christlike. I love teaching with her and hearing her testimony. She truely has a passion for this work and really wants to do her best.

It has been quite a change for me, but I am loving every minute of it. I love the feeling of being up north again. The people are so nice and they truely have a desire to change. It's such a difference to have the members on board and coming out with us. Something that is just starting in Miami. I've heard so much good about this ward and love it so much already! I'm excited to be here and to serve with the members up here.
This companionship is truely inspired.
Thank you so much or everything!
I love you and Sister Hale so much and am excited to see you tomorrow!
Love, Sister Denson

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