Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November 3, 2009--And the verdict is...

I'm staying in Boca Raton:) I love it here and don't want to leave. We have met some AMAZING people in the past week that I don't want to leave. They each have a special place in my heart, and I want to be here to witness each one of them get baptized.
I don't know who my companion is going to be. You never find that out until your name is called along with your new companions during transfer meeting. I knew all about the transfers with Hermana Call and Sister Pirotta because they were emergency transfers. Don't worry about those. It's not President Hales doing, it's strictly the Lords. President is a man called of God and when he commands something, you do it. No questions. So mom, I promise I am not covering up anything in my emails. What I write, and how good I am doing is exactly how I am feeling. Promise:):) I have ABSOLUTELY LOVED serving with Sisters Moore and Lowe. They take a different approach to missionary work that I love and have learned a lot from each of them.

I loved getting a package this week. It was super fun to open. Ha ha and I LOVE my pillowcase. We all LOVE the CD you sent too. I actually already had it, I got it when I exchanged the ones Melissa Nelson gave me. I hadn't listened to it until recently, but absolutely LOVE it. I think I burned it onto my laptop, so you should check it out. Number 10 is probably my favorite. The sisters also love when I get packages because they are so fun to open. We always know they will be good:) Did Zack and Mal get their package that I sent them? I was hoping to get it there on their birthday, but obviously it didn't. Let me know what you guys think of what I got you.

Mom, I was wondering if you could send me a couple of things? I don't need any of them right this second, so take your time. Sister Lowe wants a copy of the ward cook book. She absolutely loves it. Could you ask Tara Cannon if it is possible to order another copy? Let me know how much it will be and I'll tell Sister Lowe. This one is random--remember that vitamin E oil that I put on my scar so it would heal pretty? IF we still have it could you send that? I get misquito bites on my ankles and they stay there FOREVER! Of course, I scratch them and they get a scab. Thing is, the scab stays even longer! There are so many sisters that have gross scarred legs because of mosquito bites, and I don't want to be one of those sisters! It's gross!!! Remember the Biolage shampoo and conditioner I bought before I left? If you guys haven't used those, could you send them to me? I almost out of mine and don't want to have to go find a salon that sells them for a decent price. I need a refill of Relpax. I've had to take 2 this week because I got a headache from fasting and then it turned into a migraine. Silly me. I've been told to fast until I feel a headache coming on, and then eat. I don't like that idea, but oh well. A ward member gave me a copy of the latest Deseret Book catalog. I can't believe Jason's books are already out! Time has gone by fast! I got to tell them how your friends and how he's going to do a fireside for the stake. They thought it was pretty cool. Look up Brad Wilcox and some of the books he's written. We've been told that he's speaking at our Christmas Conference, and I've heard he's AMAZING. There were a few CDs in the catalog though that I wouldn't mind getting for Christmas....Another Testament: Music of the Living Savior (it's done by the same people that did the one you just sent me), Nearer: A new collection of favorite hymns (could you look and see if "There is a Green Hill Far Away" on it. If so, I really want that one!), and the last one is Alex Boye Be Still, My Soul. He's got a couple of songs on the one you just sent me (number 10, my favorite) and he's got an amazing voice. So beautiful!! I know it's a lot to ask for, but I just want that and a skirt. I'll measure the navy blue one when I get home and let you know next week.

Oh, that reminds me. Tell Jessika that she will for sure getting a letter from me this week because our P-Day zone activities are no more so that we can focus on our studies and to write letters. I have a list of people that I have been meaning to write, but am never in the mood to actually write once we get to the activity. Sorry! But I promise. Today is the day.

We got a media referral late Sunday night, that just requested a missionary visit. We were in the area yesterday so we stopped by to see her, Emily Mason, and she is also amazing. She moved here from Connecticut in May, where she was meeting with the missionaries. She never felt ready to be baptized, but has been praying about it a lot lately and is finally ready. One of the first questions she asked was, "When can I be baptized??" She's only been to church once, so she needs to come one more time and get the rest of the lessons and then she can be baptized. We told her she could pick her own date because she is so ready for it. She picked November 14. Cool huh!! We are so excited to finish teaching her and then see her baptized!!! So pray for her and Liza, who I mentioned in Presidents email. Especially on Saturday because that is the day of the Iron Man. She's going to be swimming 2.4 miles, biking 119 miles, and walking (supposed to be running) 26 miles. She's amazing and wants to run so bad, but if she does she'll make her stress fracture even worse and will never be able to run again. She needs all the prayers she can get!!

Maddi-I love your new car. It's way cute! Navy blue though? Never would have guessed. It's cute though! I have to say though that I liked the picture of Jessika the best though. What on earth was she???

I'm attaching a picture of us three sisters and Liza. She's a doll and has been through so much! I'm excited to stay here so we can teach her and see her get baptized!
Also the sisters showed me a HUGE red truck the other day and then Sister Lowe asked the guy if we could get pictures of it. He pretty much did a photo shoot for us. Ha ha it was fun though. HUGE though!!! The last picture is of a statue I saw while knocking on someones door. Ha ha I just loved it and wanted to share it with you guys. I know it is a Greyhound, but a dog nonetheless who is scratching his ear while standing up. Libby??
I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! Have a wonderful week! Thanks for all your support!!! Give the pups butt rubs and kisses!!!
Love, Sister Denson

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