Monday, October 26, 2009

October 26, 2009--I'M ALL ALONE!!!!!!!!!!

Helloooo!!! How are you guys??!! It sounds like you are having fun, but having some time to relax too;)

So you heard about Sister Call.......What you didn't hear is that Sister Pirotta got transferred too!!!!!! Double sad huh!!!!! We found out on Tuesday at the PPI's that Sister Call was being transferred and that the Assistants to the President would be calling us on Thursday to give us all the details about who would be picking her up on Friday and at what time. Thursday we got the call as we were in the car headed back to our apartment for apartment inspections. Elder Olsen notified us that Sister Call will need to pack up because she is headed down to Miami Lakes (we knew all that) and that Sister Pirotta will also need to pack up because she is headed up to Boynton Beach. Sad!! We were like well what is happening with Sister Denson?? "She'll be in a threesome with the East Sisters." So now, once again I am in a threesome with Sister Lowe and Sister Moore. Friday was weird because my bedroom was empty and the walk-in closet that the 3 of us shared was completely empty except for my little corner. It was depressing. Because each companionship has to sleep in one bedroom the other sisters moved into my room because we have three beds. It was weird on Friday because all of the appointments we went to were all of theirs. At first it just felt like an exchange. It was really weird when we went home that night and didnt have anyone to share our days stories with. I felt lonely, but Sister Lowe and Sister Moore have been so kind to me and have taken me under their wing as if I had been their companion for the entire transfer. They are so sweet and we have had a ton of fun together learning from each other and just laughing and giggling at each other.

I've attached a picture of my new companionship as well as the last day that I was with Sister Call and Sister Pirotta.

Okay, so my week this past week has been fun. Sister Briggs, a sister in the ward, took us out to eat last Monday to an Italian restaurant. It only cost a mere $159 for LUNCH! Gees!! Good thing her husband brings in all the big bucks delivering babies!!

Thursday we celebrated mine and Sister Lowe's 3 month birthday. Crazy huh! It has been a very fast 3 months.

Saturday we went to a members home for dinner and it was a true Southern dinner. We had ox tails--yes, I tried them, cabbage collard (sp) greens, turnip greens, homemade mashed potatoes, curry and lemongrass chicken, pasta salad, cornbread muffins, guacamole, and fruit. Most of it was delicious. And to top it off we had Sweet Potata Pie for dessert!

Yesterday we sang in Sacrament Meeting. We are doing some member trainings about the Ft. Lauderdale Temple and how members need to be preparing people to go through it. Not just at the open house;) At the end of the training we sing I love to See the Temple. Well we did it for one of the counselors in the bishopric and of course he asked us to sing it on Sunday. At first we were fine with it because there were 5 of us. But it ended up only being the 3 of us, so we hoped it sounded good....

Tell Grandma Denson that money would probably be the best. I don't really need anything and it would be good to have a little bit for savings.

Mal-I got your package and it was munched up. The whole box, and cookies, were crunched up. It was okay though because they still tasted the same! Thank you so much for them! The Sisters love them too!

Maddi--I'm so proud that you are going to Matt's and that he is being taught. Last time you told me that you were going with him I thought that you guys were like going on splits or something. That they like needed a sister there for the lesson. I TOTALLY forgot he wasn't a member! I'm so happy! I'll pray for him, and that is parents will let him be baptized. I'll even pray for his parents to be baptized too:)

Dad-That was a crazy story about the F-16. Where is there a remote place on the base to drop all of that stuff?? I'm glad that it landed safely and I hope that no one got hurt. I hope the anti-inflammatory helps your finger. I hit my left elbow the other day on something and it was zinging for like 15 minutes. I hated it, but I'm all fine now, so no worries.

I was able to get my flu shot on Tuesday at Walgreens. We FINALLY found one that had them in stock! I went to CVS to get the other sisters pictures from their camera onto a CD so I can have them too. So, no it wasn't the flu shot.

As for Christmas stuff, maybe just some black skirts. They are fading and I HATE faded black clothes! I'm doing fine on other clothes. I wear the colored and printed stuff all the time. I guess we just never take pictures when I am wearing them....funny. I was wondering though if you could find some more of the perfume you bought me a couple of years ago. Hugo Boss Intense. I love it and want more. I ran out of it a couple of months before I got here. I don't know if they still make it, but don't order it off some weird internet site. If they don't make it anymore can you just find me a good smelling one that isn't sweet. Maddi, you'll probably know what I like the best.....I hope. I also want some more earrings. I can wear dangly ones, just as long as they are not distracting. I wear the exact same ones each day am getting bored with them. Also, you can send the turquoise ones that should be on my dresser, unless Maddi is wearing them.

The picture that I sent of my hair last time isn't curly. Sister Moore french braided it and then I slept with it that night. All I did to it was wash it, dry it, got it braided, slept, took it out the next morning, fixed my part, and used a little bit of hairspray on it. That was it! I got a lot of compliments on it at Church, and I loved it. I think I'll ask her to do it again tonight:)
I would love one of the bags that you and Kenzi make. Standard black is NOT the requirement!!! It's awesome. I've been using my bag from Franklin Covey lately and have gotten a lot of compliments on it. But yeah, if you could make it a little bigger than you scripture bags that would be WONDERFUL! I would love cute fun print! And don't forget to put LOTS of pockets in it! Thanks! Oh, and I was wondering why you were going to send a package this week, but I remembered that it's the end of the month. I get a new pillowcase!!! I'm so excited! I love getting the pillowcases!!!!!!

We taught a guy this week that requested a Book of Mormon from He's 21, his name is Oliver and is really interested. It was funny because he was acting a little strange at the door when we were talking to him. He would get REALLY excited about the answers that we gave/have and even through himself on a flight of stairs that was right next to him at one point. He came to church on Sunday though! He loved it and we are going to go back on Thursday to teach him more. I feel really good about him and I think he'll be baptized. Pray for him! Oliver Caton. Oh, and come to find out that he was high on Friday. He confessed to us at church yesterday. Hahaha yeah, we had already guessed it because of his behavior and the fact that he was wearing sunglasses... It was still funny though.

We are also teaching a 19 year old guy named Alex. He's huge and he's from Haiti. We met his little sister a couple of weeks ago and went by the house to talk to her and he answered the door. He's really interested and came to church for the past two weeks! We went to teach him on Thursday night, and his dad, who is Catholic went and got the little sister Jaquel to come listen in. Haha SWEET!! She's only 11 but she had some AMAZING questions for us though. She didn't come to church yesterday, but I'll probably call her today just to check up because she said she was going to come. So please pray for them too. Thanks! Tomorrow and our weekly district and zone meeting I have to teach about Prophets. Since I've been here there hasn't been someone else doing a "training" at one of these meetings. I don't know if there will be others teaching too or if it will just be me. I'll let you know. It only has to be about 5 min long, but I don't like teaching in front of other missionaries. They've all been out so much longer than me and make me nervous!!

My PPI was great. I love being able to talk to President about how I am learning so much and growing daily. I love the advice that he gives and I just love him. He's amazing.
I heard that we are only getting 8 sisters this next transfer, 4 Spanish and 4 ASL. I'll let you know for sure in a couple of weeks though. Don't forget that because transfers are next week P-day is on a Tuesday.

Well, I've got to go. Tell everyone I said Hello and that I LOVE them!
Have a WONDERFUL week!!!

Sister Moore, Sister Denson, Sister Lowe

Sister Call, Sister Denson, Sister Pirotta

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