Monday, October 19, 2009

October 19, 2009--Hello, Hello!

How is everyone doing?? Okay, first I have to address the fact that there is something coming in the mail. It was supposed to be there Saturday for the birthday kids, but obviously it didn't get there. That really bummed me out! Dumb. And I can't always write you so you get a snail mail letter on Friday. Just a heads up, you won't be getting one today. I just read your whole email, and besides, I still haven't written Jessika, and I have a couple other people I have to write. I just want to let you know too it was really boring not to get a single thing in the mail this week. Where is the Brad Paisley letter, and I thought I was getting pumpkin cookies Mal??

So here is my week in a nut shell: Friday we went to visit a couple less active members. We first went to Sister Thielmann. She's probably late 70's, early 80's. She is so sweet and told us all how she met her husband and how they came to learn about the gospel. It was SO fun to sit there and listen to her stories--you all know me, not good with old people--but I really enjoyed myself and she had a lot to share. We then went to Sister O'Neil. She's confused about which church is true, but was also VERY vocal about her views on abortion and how wrong it is. I completely agree, but that's how she started our conversation out. It was very interesting to say. She talked about the political aspects of it and all this stuff about the government. None of us had any idea what to say because we're not supposed to engage in political conversations and stuff like that. It clearly kicks the spirit out each time someone brings anything political up. I'm glad we're not supposed to engage in those types of conversations because we've run into A LOT lately!!

We were out tracting on Saturday and went to this street that we have never been on before. The first guy we meet was all about 'saved by grace.' How frustrating to know that so many people think once they are baptized, they're fine. No enduring to the end or anything. Ugh. If only they knew! If only they softened their hearts!! So we get to the third house and it was the exact same thing! Sister Call and I were so not wanting to go any further on the street because we were afraid of what was in store. Sister Pirotta was all excited though. I have no idea why.

Yesterday we were also out tracting and it was pretty darn cold. When we went to the church at 8:30 it was 55 degrees!!! After church we were out and about finding and it was 77ish, then by our last appointment it was 67. Cold for Florida! Everyone said there was a cold front coming, but of course we don't find that out until it's here. So, the wind was blowing and I was wearing my grey skirt that mom made for me. Yeah, it's probably what you are thinking. We are talking to a 19 year old kid and it was getting windy and cold. We were just at the edge of his yard (which is probably 10 ft long because he's in an apartment) talking to him. We give him our number and what happens, my skirt flies up and I flashed everyone. Hahahahaha it was so funny. LUCKILY he was putting our number in his phone and had no idea what was going on. All three of us sisters were laughing our heads off. He thought we were laughing at him. Hahahahaha it was seriously hilarious. Yeah, I probably won't be wearing my grey skirt on a windy day again.

Tonight we get to go to a members home that lives in a MANSION. I haven't seen it yet, but I have heard the grand stories about it. Their names are the Longs. They just got back from Park City where they just built their own cabin/house (I'm sure it's HUGE) that has it's own ski lift to one of the resorts. Ridiculous! I'll let you know how it is next week. I'm excited to see it!

I have 2 pictures I'm attaching. One, is of the vest that you bought me mom. I love it so much! It's me and Sister Call. I just wanted to show you how cute it was. I wore it with my grey skirt, but I don't think you can see it in the picture. The other picture is of my crimpy hair. Sister Moore, who is the tiny one next to me, french braided my hair Saturday night. I slept with it in and then took it out yesterday morning. Isn't it so cute!! She used to have hair like mine, but chopped it all off just this past summer! 11 inches!! I just tell her I'm not ready for that and she agrees because she loves to play with my hair. She said she'll braid it more in the future. Yay!

Okay, I decided on another picture too. We went to a house on the 'Saved by Grace' street and found this on someone;s front door. I took a picture of it and I know it's blurry. I was hiding behind Sister Pirotta and snapped a picture. The reason why I had to hide was because their big door was open and I didn't want them to see me. Some people are just so rude. Gees.

To answer the questions. I am in the Boca Raton ward. Yes, the entire city, plus some of Delray Beach is one ward. Crazy huh! If you look the map, the borders for Sister Pirotta, Call, and I are everything MINUS South of Yamato and East of Military Trail. We have a HUGE area, but the majority of it is gated. The Jewish people live in gated areas. We were told the other day that 65% of Boca Raton is made up of Jewish people and South Florida is either the second or third most populated place of Jews outside of Israel. CRAZY!! But the Coral Springs ward is the ward that borders us to the south I believe. My zone leaders are in that ward, so I can ask them today if they know the Buhlers.

We have a washer and dryer right in our apartment, so we are able to do our laundry whenever needed. I was so excited about that! I didn't want to go to a laundromat!

The picture of us all working out in the yard was yes, a grab any tool you could find and let's take a picture. The gross thing about doing yard work in Florida is because the humidity you sweat everywhere! I have never sweat on my forearms until I got here. I had dirt all over me because I just used my hands to get it all in the whole after planting the tree, well after you start to sweat what happens? Mud! Yuck! I had so much mud all over me! All down my legs because I knelt in the dirt, and all over my arms. So gross. The dirt here is more like black sand. Dumb.

Can't think of anything else to say! I know this is probably short....but when you have pretty uneventful weeks, that's how it goes. I hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful week! I loved the pictures of deer hunting though! There were a lot of Elders that were sad they couldn't go this year. Haha I'm sure they'll live. I told them you guys were going and that made them happier. Haha so thanks for making the Elders happy Dad and Zack. Let me know if Travis and Becky do ever get to meet! I want to know how it goes!!

LOVE you all so much!!!

PS Tell the ward I said hi :)
Oh, and PPS Tell the primary presidency I taught the 8 year old girls yesterday in Primary and it just wasn't the same. All the lessons and songs were and everything, but it isn't fun when you hardly know the kids, they can't sit on your lap, and the SR primary only has 20is kids in it. I love our Primary SO much!!!!

A sign on someone's front door...

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