Monday, January 31, 2011

January 31, 2011--February 2011 ALREADY?!?!?!?

I can't believe tomorrow is February. It's come way too fast. This week is going to be very bittersweet. I would imagine it will be the same for you guys too. It's unfortunately been a slow week, teaching-wise, but at the same time way too fast. We've had miracles though.

Ramiel's baptism date has been pushed back to the 19th. He came to church yesterday, so he technically could be baptized, but we haven't taught him everything and he hasn't prayed to know if it is true. Please keep him in your prayers! He needs it right now. We have another investigator. Her name is Milka. I feel so honored to teach her. She is struggling right now to overcome her alcohol addiction. When we first met with her she refused to pray, but eventually did anyway. The second time the same thing happened. The third she was a completely different person. She was trying to find a place where she could register for AA, but had one bottle of rum left. She was planning on calling them after she finished the bottle. Obviously we discouraged it and testified to her. She has her agency though. That was Wednesday night. Saturday when I texted her to check up on her she let us know that she hadn't called the number yet, but that she had given the bottle of rum away!!!!!! How amazing is that! She has major trust issues, but has confided in us, mostly me because I've known her longer, but she let the spirit touch her as she prayed the other night. She's already asked if she could come visit me in Utah. I'm going to miss her so much!! She is progressing steadily!! And at her own free will. She is so great! Thank heavens for unlimited texting and other resources to stay in touch!

It's so amazing that even in the final weeks of serving we are still meeting people who significantly touch our lives. I know I have been sent to Coral Springs for a reason. I wasn't terribly excited to be here at the beginning of the transfer, to be honest, but I love it so much now! It was hard to come back to a family ward, but I have met the greatest people.
I love being a part of this work and never want it to end! I am truly converted to being a member of this Restored Gospel. I'm excited to apply the things I've learned in the steady upward trend that I've become a part of. Heavenly Father is always there for us. Even in the best of times, but mostly in the hardest of times. All we have to do is turn to him. Do our part. Willingly turn to His extended arms of mercy.

(I can't believe how emotional I am today. I definitely didn't expect this when we walked out the door this morning! haha)

I love you guys! You mean the world to me! I can't express the love and support I have been given and appreciated for the past 18 months.

Love, Sister Denson
President's email:
Hey President--
This has been an interesting week. Definitely a change from being with Sister Lealaogata. I miss her. Being with Sister Miller is challenging me. I love her, but our personalities are very different. You know that... I'm grateful though that this change has occurred because Heavenly Father is testing me until the end. I've asked him over and over to help me finish strong and with good experiences. I didn't expect a companion change, but understand why. I've prayed a lot. A lot, and of course he is blessing me so much as I continue to work and help progress this area. I love Coral Springs and I am SO grateful that I got to serve here. Some of the members have changed my life and outlook on things, even though I've only known some of them such a short amount of time. We have a specific investigator right now that I know I was supposed to meet and teach. It's so amazing the way Heavenly Father works. I know this last full week is going to be a bittersweet one. I'm excited for next phase in life, but it's going to be hard to leave this one behind. Except, I won't really be "leaving it behind." My mission has changed me and it has helped me set patterns to help me continue to progress for the rest of my life. I always want to be a part of that steady upward trend that you are always talking about. These have been the best 18 months of my life so far, but I'm not at my peak of progression, I'm just getting started!

I truly hope you know what an influence you have been in my life. Remember, I'm just around the corner. You and Sister Hale will all be a part of my life forever and of course into the eternities. I'm excited to see you Sunday for my interview.

With all my love, Sister Denson

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