Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24, 2011--New Companionship

Crazy story: Saturday night (10:00pm) we got a phone call that Sister L was being transferred and that she was going back Spanish speaking. Weird.... Very unexpected.... President said that another sister was going home due to medical reasons. He said Sister L needed to have her bags at the chapel with her Sunday morning at Stake Conference. Stake Conference was great! We had M. Keith Giddens of the Seventy come speak. We've had SO many general authorities lately, it's Insane!! We're SO blessed!! But after conference Sister L went up to West Palm Beach with Sister Hebdon and I went back to our apartment with Sister Nielson. About 6:00 last night Elder and Sister Hogge brought me my new official companion, Sister Miller, and we were in a trio for the remainder of the night. They came again this morning to get Sister Nielson to take her to the airport. Keep her in your prayers. The doctors don't know exactly what it is wrong. It was so weird. She is the second sister I have sent off to go home unexpectedly (Sister Christensen being the first). And she is the 5th sister to go home unexpectedly. I was the first. What a horrible trend I've started!!! I feel so bad for all of them! Lol But I came back!!! They should follow that trend too!!!!! Sister Nielson will be back for sure though.

We had a great week though! One of our investigators, Milka, texted us late Thursday night saying that she wanted to come to church! It was so fun! We were so excited! She told us that she couldn't come a couple days before that. We figured that was going to be our biggest struggle with her--getting her to church--because she works every Sunday morning. Well....she loved church so much that she said she's coming next week too!!! It made me so happy! I love her so much! She's 25, Haitian and is a punk. Lol She's funny though. I love her. This week when we see her we told her we would bring her a treat. Of course she doesn't eat just an American treat...she wants a Haitian treat. We have to go to a Haitian restaurant and get her something. Lol THAT will be an experience! I've never done that before. It sounds worth it though. Greasy pork with smashed and fried plantains with rice. Mmm...

Ramiel is still set for the 5th, but we have A LOT to teach him still. He's buffed us on our last 2 appointments and he's only been to church once.

We've been teaching a girl, Ashley, 11, since I got here. Her mom is a JW and her dad is LDS. Don't ask me how that works.... But her dad wants her to be taught. Her mom is really supportive of it, surprisingly. Last night I taught her with Sister Nielson and it was the most amazing/spiritual/successful lesson I have had with her. Sister Nielson rocks! She was so good with her! I love Ashley. She is very knowledgeable about the gospel of Jesus Christ and she truly wants to know if our church is true or if her moms is. She's great. She says the most amazing prayers. Last night she prayed for Sister L and Sister Crane and all the missionaries all over the world. She's 11!!! Most of our members don't even pray for the missionaries all over the world!! It was so awesome!! Little things like that just fill my heart with SO much joy!!! I love this work and I LOVE sharing the gospel!! Yesterday at stake conference President Current said, "It's a privilege to share the gospel." Strangely enough I had never thought of that. It really hit me yesterday. What a privilege and honor it is to teach people that we have a loving Heavenly Father and about our Savior and what he has done for us. I love it!!!!!

I'll get your souvenirs the last p-day (new month, new miles).

I'm excited to see Mal's baby bump! I always want to ask for pictures, but at the same time I don't ask for them because I want to see it in person first! Lol I love the updates that she sends me each week.

I hope you all have a great week! Stay warm! It's cold here again FYI.... I wore my boots and tights again yesterday.

Love you all!!

Love, Sister Denson
President's Email:
Hey President-
What an unexpected call we got Saturday night. Lol of course I'm sad to let her go, but 1 I'm SO excited she gets to finish Spanish, and 2 I'll see her in 2 weeks. I'm down with that. Sister Miller is great so far. I've never served around her and really know nothing about her. It's going to be a fun 2ish weeks. Weird. Two weeks? I'm so grateful for these last few weeks. Its been fun to be with Sister L because we're both just wanting to work hard and finish strong. I'm excited to be with Sister Miller because she is the same way. She's on fire and loves talking to everyone. It's going to help me a lot.

I feel like I should be nervous about taking over the area--because I've only been here 3ish weeks, but I'm not. I've recently gotten to know A LOT of the members and I seriously love this area. We're going to have a lot of fun. I'm excited!

Stake Conference was so awesome yesterday! I learned something from each talk that was given. I love the Pompano Beach Stake. It was so fun to see so many members from the Boca Raton ward and the Boynton Beach ward. It made me happy to see those whom I love so much one last time. Bittersweet.

I love you President Hale! You are SO great! I hope you know how much I love you and how much us missionaries in general love you!

With love, Sister Denson
Last week, Sammi talked Sister Lealaogata into getting her ears pierced. Today, she sent pictures as proof it worked. Such peer pressure! :)

Sister L signing her life away. :)

From Sammi's email: "She's "so happy" to be pierced! Haha Look at her death grip on the chair."

"Piercing in action!"

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