Monday, January 10, 2011

January 10, 2011--Fun Surprise Yesterday!

Saturday night we got a text from President Lake, "Can you sisters be sure to be at the Coral Springs chapel tomorrow at 11:00?" Uh, duh we can! It's our chapel, and we start church at 11:30, and if it means we get to see President Lake then OF COURSE! We just figured he had some meeting or something at the chapel and wanted to say hi to us. Wrong! I saw their truck pull into the parking lot (I was in the foyer chatting), and was chatting with someone when I glanced to my right and saw President and Sister Lake walking up the hall. Yay! Sister Lake came too!! (If you didn't know--she's my favorite!) But then I did a double take because I recognized the couple that was walking up the hall behind them. Daren and Heather Checketts?? What on earth are they doing here? Coral Springs of all places.... It was such a fun surprise and it was fun to chat with all 4 of them. What a small world that they are here for a conference and that their friends that they came with know the Lakes!! That was SO kind of the Lakes to bring them down to us a Coral Springs. They got to attend the Boca Raton ward for Sacrament Meeting! Lucky!!!

This week has been fun! Of course it has, I'm with Sister L!! The work is slow right now, but we were able to set one of our investigators with a date. Remiel, 28, for Feb. 5th. Keep him in your prayers! We were able to set a lot of appointment for the coming week with a lot of new people! We're so excited for them! It's going to be a great week!

Sounds like you had a fun day yesterday in Idaho. I love Sister Crane. She's great. She is loved SO much here!! Lol all last week people were asking us if we were able to talk to her yet. OBVIOUSLY they don't know anything about missionary life.... haha

Thanks for the pictures.

I just need two things for this week. Lol

1. The Hot Chocolate cookie recipe. We had so many extra that we took some to the Buhlers and Sister Buhler LOVED them! She wants the recipe.

2. Mom, will you tell Brady Stephens about my homecoming? Just find him on Facebook. I've thought of him a lot this week, not sure why, but I'd love to see him when I get home... Tell him I said Hi. I don't have an address for him. Maybe you can get one from him...

Okay, I have 3 things.

3. I am buying some conditioner and leave-in cream today. I'm not buying a big conditioner, just a small one. It would weigh too much in my luggage for the trip home.

I hope you have a wonderful week! Don't let the paint fumes get to you too much!

Love, Sister Denson

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