Monday, May 24, 2010

May 24, 2010--The Temple!

Isn't it so exciting that they announced where the temple will be?? I think it is! Its going to be in Davie. Pretty close to Ft Lauderdale and it will be the South Florida mission. It is a little weird, but at the same time I like it. So many people know where South Florida is as opposed to Ft Lauderdale. Haha ridiculous, but true.
I had a really good experience this week. A girl from the Hollywood ward wants to serve a mission. she is slightly autistic and has epilepsy, so they wanted to know if she would be able to serve a mission. For whatever reason she was sent to us to do a mini mission. I had met her before in Boca Raton when she did one with Sisters Moore and Lowe. Actually serving with her was difficult, but a great learning experience. She is so Christlike and completely understands her purpose as a missionary. We had to report back to President Hale about how we think she would do as a full-time proselyting missionary. Unfortunately we don't think she would be able to handle it. Its something very emotional that we don't think she would be able to handle. Some guy yelled at her through the window to get off his porch when she knocked on his door to give him a pass a long card. It nearly crushed her. We're also really afraid of how companions would treat her. We don't want her to get hurt in any way.
I got your business cards on Saturday. They are so dang cute! We were over at a members last night for dinner and she pulled up your blog for us. It's so adorable! I've been giving the cards out a lot. Anyone who compliments me I'm like "HERE!"
There is a new couple in the ward from Layton, UT! They both went to Layton High! The guy's name is Jared Christensen. He graduated the same year as Ann Millard and Kim Fitzgerald. Ask them if they remember him. He's in medical school down here. The sister is Angie Lord (that was her maiden name). She's a couple of years older than him. I'm not sure who she would have gone to school with.
My June package. No worries. All four of us sisters will be staying in our areas. Me and Hermana L will be here all summer. So probably for the next 2 transfers. I don't know what else to suggest to put in it. We like the window clings because we have a big sliding glass door in our living room. Could you send one of the orange Amish orange peels? I have lame thumbs and can't start peeling an orange for the life of me.
I got a letter from Jess this week. She sent me family pic. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! It's so dang cute! It made me SO Happy. I put it next to the picture of the morning I left that she took and one that Elder Swain sent to me. Right above my study desk.
I'm so glad you got to meet Heather ! I love her so much! Mom--I'm not going to date any elder from my mission. I think totally opposite of Sister Holdstock.
Love Sam

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