Monday, May 3, 2010

I so called it!!

Oh my gosh! I totally called Sister Pirotta being engaged a week after she got home. I even told her when I talked to her her last Tuesday here. Haha she just laughed, but knew it was true too.

Anyway! That is so sad to hear about Mark Harmon. I hope they will remember to lean on Heavenly Father during this hard time. I know, it sounds so preachy but it's true. That is the only way they are going to make it through this.

It's been kinda a slow week for us too. We've done some tracting, and a lot of biking. I seriously love the bike! I feel so good after we bike 12-16 miles! It's amazing! Just to let you know. When a missionary goes home they have the option of shipping their bike home (parents pay for it) or selling it for a cheaper price to another missionary. I want mine shipped home. I'll totally use it as my mode of transportation in the summer. It's so great! I love it! Get all of yours tuned up and start riding them because we'll be on them a lot in 10ish months.

Anyway. Tracting is so fun. That is where you find your kookiest people, all your funny stories, and all your miracles. We'll be doing it all this week, so hopefully I'll have some stories for ya next week.

On Monday May 10-12 me and Sister L get to do exchanges with the Homestead sisters. I am going down to Homestead with Sister Call, and Sister Crane is coming up with Sister L. We're so excited. The Homestead sisters just wanted to do exchanges with us, so they called their Zone Leaders and they set it up with the Assistants. I'm excited! And then the Kendall sisters are doing them with the Hialeah sisters on the 12-14. Sister Lowe is coming to Kendall with Sister Briggs and Sister Vance is going to Hialeah with Sister Boyd. We're all so excited!!! And then.....! On the 18-20 a girl named Jackie from the Hollywood Ward is coming down and doing a mini-mission with us. She is is slightly autistic, so the Bishop of her ward is trying to decide if she is fully capable of serving a proselyting mission. She did one in Boca with Sister Moore while I was there (Tell Sister Moore-she'd be way happy).

Dad--don't worry. I am not throwing the pillowcases away. That is my favorite part of the month! I love getting them! I told you guys back in like October that when I get home I am going to cut them all up and make a quilt out of them. I have one in mind.... It's going to be awesome! I'll be sending them home sometime soon (probably not this week). I've got all my winter shirts that I certainly don't need and one of my blankets. It's hot here! I think I'll be sending my princess one home. Be nice to it! Take care of it! It's going to be really hard for me to let go of it!!!

I loved the package on Friday! Sister L LOVES her bag! She shows it to everyone. Haha no worries, I always make sure they know my mom made it. They all think you should start your own business down here and I should be the one to run the store when I am done with my mission. Haha yeah, we'll see....

I LOVE all the pictures!!!!! Thank you so much! Next time, can you just send Char Char?? I'll pick him up at the airport. No worries. I miss them so much!!!!!!

The pictures that you got from Elder Wilcox's mom were the ones I was going to send you on the day of service. Sister L has some more on her card. I'll get them from her and send them to you.

I'm sorry, this email is going to be lame. We had a slow week. I didn't even take any pictures. Wow. That's pretty much Sister L's job. She's always got her camera out. I'm not very good at it these past two transfers.

I love you guys So much!!!!! Thank you so much for everything!
Love, Sister Denson

Oh, I guess I should tell you. We'll be calling you at 7:00 FL time. The Elders parents have church later, and since we are doing it all together we had to schedule it around them. This way you can go to Kobe's ordination and open house. I really want you guys to go to that. Take pictures everyone!

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