Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17, 2010--Hey Guys!

Hey Guys!

How has your week been? Mine was pretty good. I went on exchanges with Sister Call Monday through Wednesday and it was really fun. We were trying to think of somewhere to meet up, and we wanted to do something fun because it was p-day, so we decided to go to the zoo! It was okay...a lot of animals...they had a ton of wide open space of nothing, so that made it kind of boring. The funnest part of the whole thing was that we got to ride a camel!!! How cool is that?? His name is Charlie. It was the funniest thing. We just laughed the entire time. No worries. I got pictures. My favorite animal was the zebra. The gorilla was really cool. He was in such deep thought when we were there. I got pictures of that too. He's huge. We got to see giraffe's running across their whole "area." They look retarded when they run. It was cool to see though.
I got to meet a lot of cool people down in Homestead. They have a lot of cool people that they are teaching. Mostly it was just fun to be with Sister Call. I love her so much. There are a ton of farms down there (the Church has like 30,000 cows or something like that down there). It was REALLY weird going from the city of Miami down to the rural of all rurals. I think I've turned into a city girl. Crap. I came back and just loved being in the city and with a ton of people all around. It's going to be weird going back home. It'll be one huge adjustment. Haha

Saturday we were on our bikes and we were at a greenery looking for a citrinella (sp) plant because I get eaten alive in the middle of the night. I've woden up 4 nights in a row now with bites just covering my arms. It's really frustrating. Anyway, so my bike was locked up against a fence--out of the way--not in anyone's business. Well, I get it all locked up and we start walking off. There was this big truck in the parking lot trying to back up. I just had this feeling to turn around. Right as I did the guy backed into my bike and bent my back wheel. Yeah, I was really frustrated, but I kept my cool really well. Hermana L was so proud of me. The guy jumped out of his truck and asked if everything was alright. I told him I couldn't ride it. He said he was sorry and then walked off. I of course didn't even think to ask him to pay for my new wheel.... DOH! So I called CTR bikes this morning and they are shipping me a new one. The price was a lot lower that what President and I thought it was going to be. It was only $35 with $7.50 for shipping. Sorry MOM!!!! I feel so bad!!

Not much else has happened this week. We have two investigators set for baptism on Saturday, but they didn't come to church yesterday so now we have to push it back a week. Armando, 14 and his mom Aida. Keep them in your prayers! I'll let you know more next week. We meet with them tomorrow.

I'm sorry this is so short and scattered. I've got a cold and am having a hard time thinking right now.

LOVE, Sister Denson

Sister Lealaogata cracks us up!
Sister Crane, Sister Denson, Sister Call, Sister Lealaogata
Sister Denson and Sister Call

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