Monday, January 4, 2010

January 4, 2010--HAPPY 2010!!

Here are more pictures:
1. The sisters I live with and the zone leaders that I serve with in the ward.
2. The four of us sisters.
3. Just as I'm ready to open the gifts she had to check my blood pressure. Party poop. I LOVED that nurse though. She brought me food!!! :):)
4. Elder Zubia, Tatiana, Sister Schulthies, and me.
5. Me in my jammies
The baptism was great! Tatiana is so amazing!

So, you already knew about Oliver. Sister Eland texted me early Friday morning and told me about it. I didn't know that he backed out though. It makes me sad, but at least he's going to wait until he's fully ready. I just wish I am the one to tell you all the exciting news.... Sister Gwynn kinda ruins the fun:(
I don't need my coat. It's cold here, but we are either always in the car or in someones house. I've got my cardigans and a sweater. I wear tights all day too if it gets too cold. The flannel jammies sure have helped though!
I feel like I have a lot to say, but can't think of what you asked in your email. I'll print it off and hand write you a letter if I have time.

Yes, I want you to send the card from my scriptures, and whatever else.
THANK YOU so much for buying me a GPS!!! I felt really bad asking for it right after Christmas!! I should have asked for it FOR Christmas!
Thank you for everything!!!!!!
PS Maddi--Elder Swain shouldn't hit his 6-months for another month. I hit my 6 months on Janurary 22nd........
LOVE, Sister Denson :) :) :)

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