Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 19, 2010--Hey Guys!!

Hey everyone! How are all of you?? I'm doing great!!

It sounds like you have had a fun week at home, I don't know about you Zack and Kenzi and Mal and Tom! You should write! I would LOVE to hear from you!!!

Mom, here are the answer to your questions:
1. I will get a shot as soon as I can. I have seen the signs all over the walgreens bilboards, but didn't know if I should get one.
2. I just want to buy a case for my GPS so it doesn't get scratched. BTW WE LOVE THAT GPS!!!!!! We have found so many shortcuts that we didn't know existed. It got us lost once or twice, but it didn't matter because as soon as we got into the area we knew we needed to get out!
3. Yes, we have been emotionally affected by the earthquake. We obviously haven't been able to see any of it on the news, so we just hear from members how bad it was. We did a mission wide fast yesterday for them and continually keep them in our prayers. Apparently we have a port here in Miami that goes to Haiti and the ward is collecting tons of things to send down. The announcement was made in Sacrament Meeting and by the end of church we had a full hallway! It was awesome. If you couuld keep them in your prayers I would really appreciate it. There aren't as much Hatians here in Miami as there are in other places like Boca and the Palm Beach zone, but nonetheless we pray for them because they are our brothers and sisters of course.

In my PPI with President we talked about my bike. He knows that as soon as he gets them they will all be put together and then mine will go straight into storage. We don't know how long that will be, but I am pretty sure I won't have one while Sister Schulthies is my companion. And we think that I will be her last companion. Crazy. President says he is pretty sure that he knows who my next companion will be after Sister Schulthies. Weird! We still have part of this transfer left and then the whole next one. She thinks I will be training a new sister, but I hope not. I'm not ready for the responsibility of teaching someone how to be a missionary!!

I love that you brought up that fact of how much I'll be changing. Just this week I was looking in the mirror (which you all know I hate to do...) but I hardly recognized myself! I told Sister Schulthies that I don't look like the person I was before I left. It's so crazy! Sister Felton looked at the picture of me and the dogs on the morning that I left and she said I have matured a lot. No worries though!! I still have the same goofy sense of humor that I had before. That will never leave me! :):):)

Anyway! You all know that I spoke in church on Sunday. I think I butchered it, but a lot of people told me I did a good job. It was so weird because I had my talk all written out, but when I got up there I hardly used it. I just taught by the spirit and said what I was told to say. I still stayed on the same topic of course, but it was changed a little..... I looked out at the ward and wasn't nervous or anything. I had a lot on my mind that day, and was a little nervous, but the spirit helped me out 100%!

Mom, I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SO proud of you for being off Diet Coke!!! I'm so excited that you are going to do this diet. I'm sorry for the migraines, but you will definitely be happy with the end result? What are you drinking in place of the Diet Coke? WATER??? Haha that would be awesome!

I heard about the inversion the other day and how horrible it has been. Make sure and drink lots of water!

I LOVE the pictures of Charlie! You can print those out and mail them to me if you want ;) I wouldn't mind:) He is so pretty!! I always talk about him to Sister Schulthies. Her parents gave her some money for Christmas to think about what she wants to buy when she gets home. I'm pretty sure I've conviniced her to get a dog:):) She feels like she knows our dogs, but wants to visit them when she gets home. She wants and OES, but I told her it probably wouldn't be the wisest choice for a first dog. She wants to go up to our house one day and meet them and spend time with you guys. I told her you all would probably be fine with that:)

I'm trying to think of other things to say, but I can't think of any.... It was kinda a slow week because Sister Schulthies has been a little under the weather. Her body is fighting off an infection and she is just weak. It's funny though because we will have conversations at night and she does not remember them in the morning. Haha they are hilarious!

We met with Victor on Saturday. He watched a documentory on Mormonism and is really thinking about converting. We watched the Restoration with him and it clarified things that he was struggling with. He kept thinking that Joseph Smith wrote the Book of Mormon, but now he is positive that he didnt:) Yay! Haha He said the sweetest most humble prayer when we finished the lesson. He came to the baptism on Saturday night that the elders had. He loved it and a girl that he went to high school with is in the singles ward. It was perfect! It was so perfect to watch him go off on his own! Haha we felt like proud parents sending their kids on their way! He was going to go to the Singles ward on Sunday, but he walks to church and it was POURING, so he didn't show up. We'll make sure and get him there next week! Keep him in your prayers!

How is your Book of Mormon reading going? I'm in Alma 20. Ammon is the best missionary ever. He is so cool and obedient. I love chapter 17 how it talks about how much faith the sons of Mosiah had as they went out to teach the Lamanites.
Sister Schulthies wants to read the Book of Mormon on last time as a missionary, and President is having all of us do the activity on page 114 of PMG. The only thing that is different is we are not marking the doctrine. It's been way fun so far. We made a committment as a companionship that we will finish it before she leaves. The other day she had 56 days left, 2 of those days she wont be with me, so we make the commitment to read it and have it marked in 53 days! We have to read 10 pages a day. It's awesome. Its fun to read it aloud with someone and then talk about it. We get to have a general authority come speak to us in March! Cool huh!! It was in last weeks email from him.

Thank you so much for all your support!!! I love each of you so so so much!!!

Ps Sorry I don't have any pictures this week. It was slow and we just haven't taken any. I'll make sure and get you some next week though!

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  1. hi sammy, I miss you a lot. I hope you are having fun on your mission. you have always been a great teacher to me and I hope you come back soon. Love, Mikaela